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What Is Dirty Boxing?

What Is Dirty Boxing? If you research boxing, you may hear about dirty boxing with powerful and dangerous techniques. But don’t let the name prevent you from learning this sport, as it helps fighters defend and protect themselves with many deadly moves while improving their health each day. While watching any boxing or MMA event, …

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What Is A Boxing Sport?

Boxing is a combat sport that involves fighting with fists. Traditionally, boxing has also been referred to as “pugilism,” which means “fist-fight.” Fights occur in an area called a “ring” and consist of timed rounds. Winners are decided by points or by knocking out an opponent. A referee runs the fight inside the ring while …

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What Are The Boxing Rules?

The rules of boxing vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and whether it is an amateur or professional bout. A violation of the following rules is considered a foul and can result in a referee’s warning, point deduction, or disqualification. Boxing, a seemingly simple sporting contest at first glance, has several rules which have evolved since …

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