boxing betting tips

Boxing Betting Tips

Boxing is still one of the most widely watched sports, and it's also one of the most popular to wager on, with bookmakers providing a wide range of markets and promotional offers for each significant match.

And while it makes sense that their attention is on the major fights that make headlines, this is not the only thing they are paying attention to. On these big boxing nights, undercard fights aren't the only ones with high prices; the bookmakers also frequently provide odds for a wide range of fights taking place all over the world.

You've come to the right place if you're seeking an edge and inside information on how to beat the odds while betting on boxing. Everything you need to know to improve your boxing betting strategy will be covered in this article.

We'll start by discussing where you should place your bets before delving into the specifics of what you should be considering in terms of strategy, beginning with the overall considerations and moving on to the considerations specific to each fighter. In order to tie everything together and offer you the best opportunity of coming out of the book a successful winner, we'll end the guide by providing you with our professional advice.

In the US, boxing betting is a huge industry, with millions of dollars being bet on each event. In fact, in 2012, about $2.5 billion was wagered on boxing matches alone. In addition, it’s estimated that approximately $250 million is placed in bets on any given fight between two well-known fighters.


Most fights take place over the weekend, and for these, we aim to give our tips by Thursday to give you plenty of time to back them.

Boxing is unusual in that it has no recognised season or regular schedule. Still, we aim to cover all the big bouts taking place among the WBO, WBA, WBC and IBC organisations and the best of amateur events.

Before making any boxing bets online, you have to sign up at a sportsbook first. Then, it will only take two minutes to enter your name, birthdate, email address, and deposit info. Once you make a deposit, you can place your boxing bet. Just pick the fight, the boxer, bet type, and dollar amount.

Round betting is backing a fighter to win a specific round. Given how specific this type of bet is, returns can be huge! If you feel one of the fighters will deliver a first-round knockout, this is the wager for you. But be warned, these are devilishly difficult to win. This means if there was ever a bet to follow our boxing betting tips on, this is the one!


Two boxers will enter, one will (usually) leave victorious. If you bet on the winner’s Moneyline, you’ll win your wager. A panel of three judges score every bout, so even if both boxers are left standing at the end, a decision will be rendered, and one will usually be declared the winner.



Betting Tips For Boxing

Boxing is one of the most popular sports on the market to bet on, with its enticing nature appealing to all of us punters. The sport’s popularity on the betting market is why we’ve produced a page devoted to it, where you’re able to view some insightful boxing betting tips for all of the biggest fights coming up. Of course, any bets added to this page will be put up in advance to help any boxing fans interested in joining in with what we’re predicting.

Unlike sports that appear every week, enormous boxing bouts are dotted around the sporting calendar throughout the year. So whether it’s the larger bouts or the smaller undercards, we’ll consider all boxing betting tips that could be worth staking money on, even including them into a set of boxing accumulator tips if there’s enough to go by.

Choose A Good Place To Bet

For two reasons, everything we're about to tell you about boxing betting is pretty much useless if you don't have a reliable betting site. One, you cannot convert your predictions into money if you don't have a place to act. If you don't put your money where your mouth is, no one will compensate you for your intelligence. You can't be confident that your money is secure if you bet with a dodgy sportsbook or a backroom bookie. Therefore, no matter how many bets you win, it won't matter what you do if you can't get your money.

Check out one of the top-rated and well-regarded sportsbooks we have listed for you below if you want to place your boxing wagers somewhere you can feel confident. You don't need to be concerned about the safety of your account, your personal data, or your money. Instead, you may concentrate on selecting winners and redeeming tickets, which is more relevant.

Focus On Styles

Fighters frequently face a lot of similar foes. Sometimes we make the error of believing that information may be used to forecast future conflicts. The relevance of stylistic match-ups may be more essential than in any other sport than boxing. Ali was anticipated to deteriorate under George Foreman, who destroyed Muhammad Ali's tormentor Joe Frazier. We are aware that it failed.

It would be best if you gave stylistic considerations considerable importance while handicapping a fight. Manny Pacquiao is a good illustration. He has been slicing through his opponents lately like butter on a knife. However, if we thought back less than two years, we would recall his arduous battle with Juan Manuel Marquez, a cunning counterpuncher. His most recent opponents don't resemble the cunning Marquez at all.

We shouldn't anticipate Pacquiao to be as dominant as he was against the more face-first competitors he's been fighting lately if he faces another boxer with the same skill set as Marquez. This is why Pacquiao started out as an underdog versus legendary boxer, counterpuncher, and defensive genius Floyd Mayweather despite having far better recent form and efficiency.

Old-timers are not singing Dixie when they say that styles cause fights. All wise boxing bettors use it as their compass. If you are placing a wager on a boxer, gamble in accordance with the styles that irritate him. You may be able to choose some winning underdogs with its assistance. It might be worth a tickling if a lesser-known and unheralded fighter just so happens to have the same fighting style as the preferred fighter.

The Promotion’s History And Goals

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We don't like to trash comments about sports, but after so many dubious choices over the previous few years, we sadly have to do so. It would be best if you spent some time researching the promotion that is hosting the boxing match on which you want to place a wager. We won't single out any particular promotions, but a few seem to have a track record of making dubious choices.

There are lots of ways to wager on a boxing match. Some bettors may wager on who they believe will win, while others may wager on the outcome of the fight. Whatever betting method you select, it's important to have a general knowledge of the sport and the fighting styles in order to offer yourself the best chance of succeeding financially.

If you're betting on one of those promotions, make sure you at least take a moment to think about what those goals are. Is there a guy they are attempting to promote and excite for a big bout down the road? We're not claiming that they will always be acting dishonestly, but we do believe that it's something you should at least be aware of and spend some time researching.

Do Not Ignore Form

Sometimes we don't realize a boxer is done until they've been soundly defeated. Often, the warning symptoms were present much earlier. It is quite human to fixate on perception and hold onto it in the face of overwhelming data. We only recall athletes at their top and may be oblivious to their decline. Admitting that your favourite fighters aren't what they used to be is the same as admitting that we've changed. Recognizing time's passage also means recognizing our aging process.

Don't disregard the warnings. When a boxer has thoroughly delighted us, we tend to excuse them. We frequently want to ignore a string of subpar performances by blaming them for a lack of drive, a bad mood, or distractions from outside the ring. Even though fighters can always change their ways, a run of poor performances typically serves as a clear sign that a fighter is nearing the end.

The Impact Of The Fight On Each Fighter

Knowing a fighter's motivation is crucial since it can significantly influence how seriously they take training and competition. You can't expect someone to be committed to training as hard as possible if they're just going in there to earn a paycheck and call it a day. However, you can certainly anticipate that the fighter will be training nonstop if they are a young up-and-coming talent wanting to advance their career and possibly position themselves for a title chance.

A fighter is not necessarily a better fighter just because they are driven. Therefore, be careful not to overdo this. However, you do need to consider this, particularly if you believe a combatant is not taking things seriously. Competing in such a competitive sport is challenging without the desire to win.

Always Shop For The Best Available Odds

Not every bookmaker is made equally. We've witnessed fights when the favourite had odds of -400 while they were -300 at a different online sportsbook down the block! This is VERY IMPORTANT because, if you were to bet on the favourite in this matchup, you could save yourself $100 by just looking around to get the best odds.

Each Fighter’s Record

Without a doubt, you should research each fighter's prior performances. Don't, however, look at their win-loss record and call it a day. The issue with doing this is that it might be false and prevent you from making the necessary inferences without digging a bit deeper.

You should start by examining their most recent victories. In order to bolster a promising fighter's record early in their career, promoters commonly set them up with many straightforward victories. A combatant may appear to be 15-0, yet all 15 of those victories were over amateurs and were thus straightforward victories. Nowadays, it's odd to see boxers who take up difficult contests early in their careers.

Because of this, you should focus mostly on their most recent victories. However, it would be best if you also spent some time considering the value of those victories. Were they just emerging from their "beefing up" phase, or were they against strong opponents?

It would be best if you also inquired about their previous experience playing against opponents of the same quality. Do they have a southpaw opponent? Have they ever battled Southpaws? Are they engaged in a brawl? How did they fare against other fighters who used that style of combat? Numerous aspects of these inquiries and this investigation will be relevant to the final major aspect we want you to consider.

Tips for Profiling Fighters Before Betting

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The most beneficial boxing betting techniques promote the use of data, research, and statistics.

Before placing a boxing wager, it's more crucial than ever to consider these things. To generate rational battle predictions, having a thorough profile of each boxer would be useful.

Researching opponents is one of the greatest boxing betting advice for newbies. This can be done with a variety of tools, which will be very helpful.

Here are some key considerations:

  • Accomplishments – To the ring, what do they bring? Is this combatant a world champion or a rising star? Do they hold high WBC, IBF, WBO, or WBA rankings?
  • Record – A fighter's record provides a glimpse into their background. But more importantly, it tells if they have overcome notable opponents or have only used crushed tomato cans to get where they are. To assist you, use websites like BoxRec and The Ring.
  • Technical Ability – Everyone idolizes powerful hitters and boxers who attempt to knock out their opponents by throwing bombs. However, the difficulty with these fighters is that they can get themselves into serious problems when facing off against a skilled and sophisticated opponent. Don't get carried away with an entertaining fighter because if they are outclassed, they will be slowly torn apart and either wear themselves under and lose before the final bell or be soundly defeated in a judge's decision. You must know more about boxing than the average fan does in order to determine technical proficiency. Although it wouldn't be necessary, it would certainly be useful. You may start learning more about what appropriate technique looks like by watching some free training videos on YouTube.
  • Career Length –  Are they a remaining great fighter from the past or a youthful lion on the hunt? When facing younger, more invigorated opponents, a fighter with extensive wear and tear frequently falters.
  • Damage Taken – The fighter has been stopped how many times? Do they have a recent knockout or a run of stoppages? This can indicate that a fighter's chin is failing.
  • Speed and Power Speed and power are two of the most crucial elements you should consider. Faster combatants will be able to enter the fight, score hits and quickly exit. Stronger fighters might not be as quick as others, but any shortcoming in speed will be more than made up for by their ability to deal massive damage. Most of this is very well-known. However, we brought it up because we need to mention a few key side points. First, be mindful to distinguish between strength and power. A boxer's strength and ability to carry numerous heavy objects do not guarantee that they will have power in the ring. Power comes from harnessing that strength and using the technique to turn it into a powerful punch. Just being strong does not automatically grant a fighter power.
  • Lifestyle – Avoiding fighters who prefer to gain weight between fights or live a party lifestyle is often a good idea. Target the boxer who is more orderly and disciplined.
  • Decline – With maturity, most boxers lose strength. While occasionally sudden, it usually happens gradually. Analyze a fighter's output and damage from prior matches to learn how to recognize when they are starting to lose steam.

Tips for Better Boxing Betting Results

If you want to place real money bets on boxing contests, you'll likely start by wagering on the fight's conclusion.

You'll frequently discover that you're concentrating on the common wagers and marketplaces in the sport as part of your strategy for betting on the bouts. Although these bets are rather simple, earning cash from them is nevertheless difficult.

We want to summarize what we've covered so far in this strategy guide by giving you our suggestions for improving your outcomes. Please feel free to bookmark this page and check back frequently to see what we've added, as we frequently update this collection of advice.

Trust in Reach Advantage

More often than not, the combatant with the longer reach will score more hits while getting fewer hits. So recognizing this early on in the contest may help you win when you bet on boxing matches.

Understand the Scoring System

Not every boxing match is won by a knockout. Instead, a large number of them will end up in the judge's hands, so when making your selections, you should evaluate who has a better chance of receiving a ruling. But you can't do that if you don't fully comprehend the scoring system.

Hungry Fighters are Dangerous

Supporting the fighter who is more motivated can be a wise choice. When formulating your boxing betting strategy, consider the boxer who is more motivated.

Utilise Statistics to Your Advantage

For some reason, a lot of newer boxing bettors do not realize that there are several statistics available that can be used to improve their predictions. Stats can be used to support or refute what you believe to be true, even though they don't always provide a whole picture. Examine elements such as punch totals, notable strikes landed, the proportion of strikes landed, and the locations of the strikes. Although you shouldn't rely all of your decisions on statistics, they are the one thing that will never deceive you.

Bet Against Weaknesses

Every fighter has their areas for strength. Speed, for instance, can be their kryptonite. If you are informed of each rival's weak points, you can increase your chances of success.

Be Careful of Heavy Favorites

In boxing, it might be alluring to want to wager on clear favourites. Everyone enjoys winning and cashing in a ticket. However, you must ensure that you check the bet's value before placing any wagers. Is it fair to risk so much money in order to win so much money? The more you have to wager to make a fair return, the bigger the favourite is.

Does this imply that you ought to never wager on favourites? Naturally, it doesn't imply that. We are advising you to exercise caution and ensure the worth of your wagers. For strong favourites, the temptation to place wagers with no value is much greater.

Back the Southpaw

You might select one of the top gambling sites to wager on the southpaw in a battle between two boxers with comparable fighting skills. According to studies, southpaws beat orthodox boxers in terms of victories.

Don’t Bet Every Fight

There are moments when it seems like there isn't much boxing action. You can find yourself hunting for ways to force bets, particularly if you only want to gamble on fights with value. We want to remind you of precisely that. It would be beneficial if you just placed bets on games when you are certain of your prediction and believe it to be worthwhile. This implies that even though it will be tempting, you shouldn't bet on every bout at the event. Your bankroll will thank you if you limit your wagering to select profitable fights.

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