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Technological Advancements In Boxing

Boxing has a long, illustrious history that dates all the way back to antiquity. Boxing has actually been around for almost 5000 years, which is longer than writing has been used by humans. However, boxing and the pugilists' training routines have remained archaic even in current times. Boxers have engaged in draconian practises as recently as the 21st century, including dousing their faces and fists in gasoline or saline solutions like Tyson Fury, abstaining from all forms of sexual activity ("Women weaken legs!" warned Micky, the grizzled trainer in the classic Rocky), and even drinking their own urine like Juan Manuel Marquez.

Boxing had gradually implemented some safety and fairness standards, albeit reluctantly (weight classes, for instance, were only introduced in 1880, before which the David-versus-Goliath matches were not just common but an attraction). However, the sport's technical advancements have been met with scepticism and even derision. As a result, many fighters and coaches still favour traditional methods.

As a result, the description of "the sweet science" of boxing might be questioned. However, the formerly exclusive and dogmatic culture has become more open to more modern policies and practices. While it's possible that trainers may always yell at their charges to run six kilometres uphill or cut down trees, modern training facilities have included a variety of tools and technology to aid their fighters' development.

The operators count how many punches are thrown and how many lands are segregated into jabs and power punches. CompuBox will then run the numbers to calculate accuracy percentages for each type of punch for each boxer.

The biggest change to affect boxing glove evolution was the introduction of synthetic foam, being denser than cotton, straw and wool (and whatever else glove makers had to hand), allowing gloves to become smaller, without the loss of padding, protection and weight.

There is no doubt the watch is durable enough to use for this, so that's not a question. Of course, if you're sparring, you shouldn't wear any jewellery or watches, but with a heavy bag, I had no issues. I loosened the watch slightly, so it was a little further past my wrist.

Can I use a fitness tracker without a smartphone? Yes. Many fitness trackers can be used independently from a smartphone. Commonly, smartphones and mobile devices have helpful functions for monitoring exercises and configuring settings.

"Boxing punch trackers" or "boxing performance trackers" or "boxing fitness trackers" are essentially like the Fitbit, but for your hands. Like how the Fitbit tracks the number of steps you take, the boxing performance trackers will track the number of punches you throw.


New Technology In Boxing

In addition to fitness trackers, boxing technology has advanced even further. The BotBoxer is among the most noteworthy. This cutting-edge device serves as a practice opponent for combat sports. This machine is outfitted with remarkable algorithms that read athletes' force and precision and react to their fighting style by dodging their punches. It also contains motion recognition and sensors.

The Beatboxer serves as a de facto sparring partner who can adjust and push athletes to the limit. Tony Jefferies and Christina Cruz, two Olympians, provided support for this superior piece of equipment. However, because of its high price, BotBoxer is only available to elite athletes and gyms. The BotBoxer has been surpassed in functionality by a new piece of technology.

A top-notch team just created the LiteBoxer with the goal of giving boxers a Peloton-style at-home workout. Users can get a complete body workout from the convenience of their homes using technology and live training. This is a perfect development because gyms are only beginning to reopen. It is simple to put up and freestanding. To replicate sparring, it makes use of lighting, targets, and sensors.

The Liteboxer features a companion app that provides users access to various workouts conducted by qualified trainers. With a variety of lengths and levels of difficulty, these workouts are available on demand and offer a different experience with each use. The LiteBoxer also provides a variety of yoga and fitness programmes to aid with recovery. Anyone seeking to train at home may do so easily and at a reasonable price with the Liteboxer.

Is There A Place For New Technology In Boxing Training?

The majority of boxing gym owners will be proud to tout how "old school" their training methods are, but in today's increasingly computerised world, can technology play a part in boxer training?

Sports technology is evolving exponentially as a result of product developments for every sport and player. Similar to how new equipment is becoming more common in other sports like football, basketball, and soccer, fighters are ready to boost their game with the newest wearable technology available.

If you're looking to improve your fighting game, check out these solutions:

Hykso Punch Trackers

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Khalil Zahar created the US-based business with its main office in Orange County, California. It creates tracking technology that you tuck into your hand wraps to track your punching performance while you practise. The majority of boxing punch and fitness trackers share a similar design and are connected to an app so you can monitor your progress on your phone or other mobile devices.

The punch trackers by Hykso are designed to follow the motion of your hands 1,000 times per second in order to count, identify, and measure every punch you throw. Additionally, Hysko features a companion "Hykso app" that enables you to monitor your progress and watch your punch output in real-time.

Punch trackers for boxing can help you monitor your overall performance, but they are not a surefire approach to boosting your boxing skills. Consider punch loudness.

What are the benefits of Hykso?

You may monitor your punch output in real-time and gauge your daily, weekly, and monthly progress by tracking your punches with Hykso. By comparing yourself to other combatants, you can utilise this knowledge to determine your strengths and shortcomings. As Hykso continues to improve the app, you will have access to all new features as soon as they are made available with free upgrades for life.

Are they easy to use?

The trackers are attached to the top of your wrists, tucked between two or more hand wraps, and you're ready to go! Even during your toughest exercises, Hykso trackers are completely sweatproof because they are watertight. Additionally, the trackers are self-contained, so once the session begins, all of the information is recorded there and will download once back in the phone's range. You can wander freely within the gym while still keeping track of all of your punches, thanks to this.

What's the technical stuff?

Hykso punch trackers have an incredibly effective battery that can continuously last up to 10 hours on a single charge and recharges completely in just one hour. Many times every second, the processor analyses 6 degrees of motion. For such quick jabs, all computations for each punch will be completed in less than 100 milliseconds. To maintain your data as precise as possible, Hykso will eliminate motions that it doesn't classify as punches, such as jumping jacks and skipping rope activities.

Access to the Hykso App

Punch Output

You will gain access to their completely integrated and connected Hysko app, which is fully functional. The Hysko app provides four different punch variations, which are very cool for identifying the punches you throw most frequently:

  • Left Straight (includes jabs/crosses)
  • Right Straight (includes jabs/crosses)
  • Left Power (includes hooks/uppercuts)
  • Right power (includes hooks/uppercuts)

Let's say you're concerned about keeping track of additional actions like blocking, parrying, skipping, etc. There's no reason to. To ensure that it only records the aforementioned punches, Hysko has developed trackers to eliminate motions like these.

Punch Intensity

Hysko also assigns you a punch intensity score, which is broken down into three stages (see the middle above). The increase relies on your punch type, punch velocity, and how you produce the force behind your punch.

The three-tiered system rewards punches made with a lot of effort and energy. It also seeks to motivate you to punch as hard and as frequently as you can while practising in order to improve your intensity rating!

Punch velocity

The velocity function on the app (right, above) displays your punches' speed, with a maximum score of 10 possible. The more rounds you fight, the more likely it is that your strikes will start to slow down. This makes it a highly valuable feature to have. The main drawback to this is that it doesn't record the velocity at which you strike the bag, which I suppose would be challenging to do in this situation.

StrikeTec Sensors

A wearable sensor called StrikeTec was created for MMA and boxing. It detects and communicates real-time data on punch speed, technique, and force to users' cell phones in order to provide them with crucial insights that help them to adjust and enhance their performance. In order to provide users with an advantage over the competition, the sensor sends the data immediately to their PCs, smartphones, or tablets. It is a vital tool for coaches and fights promoters and is utilised by top-tier boxers, UFC athletes, and fans worldwide. It was the first item to be utilised in bouts between professionals.

The Benefits Of StrikeTec

When you incorporate StrikeTec into your everyday routine, there are numerous advantages to be had. To prepare you, the following are the product's primary benefits:

Real-Time Feedback

The primary advantage of this device is that it gives you immediate performance feedback.

The product measures important performance metrics like power, count, speed and others. You'll be able to make the adjustments required for real success because all of this information has been compiled in a simple application.

Personalize Your Workouts

The ability to customise your training regimen using all of the data you receive from StrikeTec is its second benefit.

The information gives you the ability to make decisions about your boxing routine so that you may finally advance and make adjustments for great outcomes.

A Device for Everyone

The third advantage of this product is that, in contrast to similar ones on the market, it is designed for all consumers.

Whether you are a beginner to exercise or an experienced boxer, you can use this gadget and count on it to be effective for you.

Compare Progress Round by Round

The ability to compare your progress from round to round in order to continue progressing and attempt to outperform your previous round's results is the fourth benefit of this product.

You can even compete against your teammates while collaborating with them. You can learn from their outcomes and advance your own performance.

As you can see, incorporating StrikeTec into your lifestyle has a lot of advantages. You'll be well on your way to achieving your goals if you use this training equipment.

Moov Now

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provides alternatives for a variety of sports and workouts, including ones that incorporate boxing into a fitness routine. First, you'll receive tutoring in real time so that you can become familiar with various combinations and how to use them. Review your hardest punches, fastest hits, and heart rate, and get advice on how to get better post-workout.

Feature List:

  • Analyses & Coaches Your Form.
  • Measures Motion (E.g. Landing Impact).
  • Tracks Your Workouts.
  • Real-Time Voice Coaching.
  • 6 Month Battery Life.
  • Water & Dust Proof.
  • Provides Fitness Level Indication (With App).
  • Wireless Compatibility.

Sports coaching that is inspirational: anytime, anywhere

The tools for activity tracking that Moov offers We didn't anticipate them to be cutting edge, but they may not be now. Since its inception, Moov has been marketed as a sports coach first and a wearable fitness device second.

It isn't easy to overstate the significance of the coaching component if you are a fitness enthusiast like myself. Since a typical running watch is not a coach, it cannot help you improve as an athlete. In the Moov Now companion app, running and biking receive the greatest coaching support, while swimming and boxing workouts may be tracked and reported. (However, bear in mind that you'll need to buy two Moov Now devices—one for each arm—if you want to use Moov to track boxing exercises.)

Moov offers many training regimens specifically designed to help you reach your fitness objectives, in addition to sports coaching and workout tracking, with a voice coach offering useful comments in real-time. You can choose a training schedule that emphasises efficiency, intervals, or open training, for instance, when using the Moov Now while running. Obviously, this is the information that ardent runners need and want, but it is presented in a way that is not intimidating to novice athletes. Overall, Moov offers a wide variety of training programmes to suit all fitness levels.

Piq Robot

Everlast and the sports tracking company PIQ have partnered to release PIQ Robot, their first wearable specifically designed for boxing. You can measure punch speed, G-force upon impact, and retraction time thanks to the sensors that are included in a tennis tracking gadget. Additionally, the app will offer immediate feedback on how to punch harder, quicker, and more effectively.

The robot is a cutting-edge tracking system for workouts like shadow boxing, bag, mitt training, and sparring and may be worn with or without gloves. A robot is a little gadget, like a tag, that slips into a certain hand wrap. PIQ offers free lifetime app upgrades so you can always get the most out of your workout. Like Moov, this is for fitness boxing rather than ringside combat.


The app's data and statistics are extremely detailed. Moreover, compared to the other applications, which seem more fitness-training-focused, it feels the most like a stat board from a sports game. Has exercises, reports, drills, and instruction manuals. Moreover, a leaderboard where you can compare yourself to friends or other users. But regrettably, the entire software includes so many visuals that it is almost excessive.


  • Tracks each punch type thrown, providing you with a thorough summary of the total punches thrown for all of your workouts: sparring, bag work, and shadowboxing
  • Punch analysis: The sensor dissects the speed, impact, and reaction time statistics for each sort of punch thrown.
  • It will track and display the calories burnt during an aerobic workout in addition to being excellent for fighters.
  • You can access detailed analytics that was taken specifically for you using the app. The coach-like information offers graphs and analytics to help you improve your boxing technique and deliver more force.


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