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10+ Best Boxing Class Gyms Moorabbin, Melbourne

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete stranger to contact sports and trying to decide what to start with, or if you’re a seasoned practitioner in Muay Thai, BJJ, or MMA. Learning boxing would benefit you greatly – whether to keep fit before your wedding, or elevate your game.

Located in Moorabbin Melbourne, Victoria, and currently on the search for boxing classes and gym to lose weight, get fit and have fun? Look no further! To take the stress out of choosing your nearest boxing class studio, here is a list of the most popular Moorabbin boxing class gyms.

Ultimate List of Moorabbin Boxing Classes


Fit2Box - Boxing Studio in Moorabbin

Fit2box Boxing Studio — Mozilla Firefox 2021 02

Phone: 0433 115 312 

Fit2box Boxing Studio is committed to delivering results through boxing fitness. Our Trainers are all active fighters, we take boxing from the ring to your gloves. We are passionate about what we do and strive from seeing your success. We specialize in weight loss, F2B Group Classes, Personal Training and teaching the art of boxing.

We are always trying out new and fun ways to train our class members.  The boxing lessons in our class schedule will test you and will have parts of boxing training in them. You don’t have to be a Full Member to attend one of our classes and we guarantee you’ll have lot’s of fun.

Boxing is a great way to keep the mind and body moving while learning the art of the sport. 60 minutes of boxing doesn’t feel like your normal 60-minute workout. You can easily smash over 1000 calories while having fun and trust us when I say time flies when you are having fun.

There is no better way to learn how to box than ‘One to One’ personal training. Our personal trainers are professionally qualified and are very experienced in the art of boxing. We have a passion for the science behind your personalised training programme.

Personal Training is tailored for your needs, and will improve your skill sets at the same time.

Most of our one on one PT’s sessions are your average Mums and Dads who love throwing punches to get up a sweat, tone up and lose weight. Our member’s ages range from 4 years kids to 72 years old and everything in between.



Real Deal Boxing Club

Real Deal Boxing Club Moorabbin

Phone: 0410 544 333

This is the REAL DEAL if you have always wanted to start boxing or progress your current skills, REAL DEAL boxing will be where you go to box. Bayside locality, owned and operated by renowned fighter Christian Ennor.

Real Deal Boxing Club offers Boxing at It's Finest. RDBC promotes full boxing, strength, health and fitness. Boxing with a distinct personality as it relates back to the origins or boxing in the UK and the USA. Classic, bold and energetic, capturing the real training techniques and mastery of boxing. Christian Ennor, one of Australia's most recognised and followed trainer, brings his personality and style to his boxing and strength based gymnasium. Real Deal's trainers are the best in the business, both real and personable, with professional boxing pedigrees and a passion for imparting knowledge on our clients. Real Deal brings a new level of fun and professionalism to the local boxing scene.

Fight Impact Moorabbin Boxing Classes & Gym

Fit Impact Boxing Classes Moorabbin

Phone: +61 411 233 365

Our trainers and fight coaches at Fit Impact are passionate about the careers they have chosen. All our combat sports and strength and conditioning sessions are taught by well rounded and experienced trainers who have all competed in their chosen disciplines, therefore they provide the support needed mentally and physically to help you reach your goals.

Our specific approach to personal training is based on an understanding that everyone's needs are unique. Whether it's increasing muscle mass, slimming down, enhancing one's performance in a chosen sport or rehabilitating injury, our trainers deliver the results. You will be challenged and pushed to your limits, but at the same time thoroughly enjoying the workouts and results that you can see!

All our trainers and fight coaches at Fit Impact are passionate about fitness. The Martial Arts classes are taught by highly experienced trainers who have competed and have real fighting experience. We take extreme pride in offering the best service and passing on authentic skills.

We offer coaching for those looking at competing but we take great pride in sharing the benefits of martial arts with everyone keen to train hard and give it a go. As we say, we put the fight back into fitness so we specialise in training everyone from beginners to advanced.

All of our classes are structured and no two classes are ever the same. Professional trainers who are either current or previous competitors run the classes. We run beginners, intermediate and advanced classes. You will be matched up with other students of similar ability.

It is time that has been put aside for members to come in and use the gym facilities so that they can practice their skills, conditioning and flowing drills that have been shown to them in the classes. This is an important time for the student to work on perfecting their craft through repetition. No one has ever become a champion or reached there full potential by only attending classes therefore we encourage our members to come in their own time and train.

General open training hours are: 8:00am to 11:30am and 4:00pm to 8:00pm Monday to Friday. 8:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday. Personal Training hours are via appointment. Please view class times are on our timetable.

Brother Boxing

Brother Boxing - Moorabbin

Phone: +61 479 199 566

We are a Bayside Melbourne boxing gym located in Cheltenham.

We provide specialised beginner programs, so that beginner boxers can gain confidence in learning real boxing and stay motivated to work on their fitness. They say that boxing isn’t for everyone, but we say that if you are given the right environment anybody can learn.

With boxing discipline at its core, Brother Boxing offers a wide array of services, including a range of combat disciplines, strength & conditioning, boxing lessons, circuit training, group classes, boxing fitness, clinic treatments and nutrition advice.

Melbourne Fight Club

Boxing Classes Melbourne Fight Club Boxing Gym

Phone: (03) 9620 5433

Develop the correct boxing technique as your fitness reaches amazing new levels. You will witness the increased toning of your arms and mid section whilst building a stronger core. Our boxing classes are practical and are orientated around beginners. Starting with pad work and teaching you how to slip, weave, block and punch correctly.

At Fight Club Melbourne it's all about teaching you correct practical boxing. Our aim is to help you understand the importance of footwork whilst rotating your body to generate maximum power, these are only a few things out of so many that we help you achieve.

Book yourself in to our Introduction Personal training (PT) sessions with one of our master trainers! We will be able to spend 45 min preparing you up for class. In your Introduction PT we will teach you how to wrap your hands, hold pads (targets), execute the correct technique to make you feel comfortabe before attending classes.

Boxing Fit

Boxing Fit
Phone: 1300 269 348

With over 17 classes a day, 100 classes a week, 30 different types of classes, and catering to all fitness levels, whatever your motivation is, there is a number of classes to suit. Each 30 minute H.I.I.T session will have you burning fat and calories, building strength, getting fitter, and most importantly getting results.

In addition, BoxingFit Port Melbourne has now opened a new weights and cardio gym filled with the latest state of the art equipment. Plus, they are now OPEN 24/7.

BoxingFit is not a commercial club. We are authentic, welcomming and traditional yet cutting edge in our approach to training. Don’t expect any jacuzzis or saunas, instead expect world class boxing training.

There are no contracts or direct debits. Classes are 60 minutes and follow a concise syllabus to move you to where you want to be. Our instructors are experienced, well qualified and passionate about what they teach; for them it is not just a job.

We welcome everyone of all levels to become part of our team. It doesn’t matter if you want to get fit or whether you want to compete – we have the place for you.


Sting Gym

Sting Gym

Phone: (03) 9793 0055

Sting Gym offers training in Male & Female Muay Thai Kickboxing, MMA, Boxing, Self Defence, Fitness Classes, Kids Classes and Personal Training. At Sting Gym, we will help you achieve your goals. To get fit and improve your health or even to improve your self-defence skills. We also offer specialised training for people that would like to make a career out of this. “Unlimited Training” is our most popular program. Our classes simulate a fighters training program of your choice.

You will work in large and small groups, under the supervision of our qualified training staff, which is similar to a team practice. They will put you through your boxing and conditioning drills and then work with you one-on-one in the ring, focusing on proper form and technique. Each workout lasts 60 minutes, more or less, depending on your schedule.

The Unlimited Training program is a great deal because it is both flexible and economical. The best part is you can train during any one of our daily sessions, and no appointment is necessary.

Please contact us to see what we can do for you today.

We have a short application and liability waiver that must be filled out to begin your membership. Can I just drop in and use the gym and/or book a personal one-on-one training session? Yes, we have a daily and/or weekly "Drop In" rate. We also offer One-on-One training sessions. See fees for more information.

A training session typically lasts one hour and sometime go an hour and a half. Our timetable list the full class schedule. Can I sign up for the gym and workout on my own without a trainer? If you have prior boxing experience, yes, you are able to come in and workout on your own as long as you are a full member of our gym. however, if you do not have combat experience, you must have a trainer in a class environment. We do not have a variety of fitness equipment for fitness exercise, we are strictly a combat centre and you will need to be in the class type training sessions with a coach/trainer to facilitate use of the gym and equipment.

Currently, we are offering Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing Classes. We are always looking to add classes, so if you are interested in any other classes, please contact us at and let us know what type of classes you'd be interested in, and we will keep you posted when they are offered! If you have a group of 4 or more that want to commit to a weekly class, we can schedule it for your group during our open hours, contact or Michael 0n 0412344487 for more info.
For members under 18 years old, you will need a parent or legal guardian to sign you up. If you are over 18 years old, you will need proof of ID to sign up. To start, you will need your monthly gym dues and you will need to fill out our membership application and liability waiver. Wear comfortable gym clothes and shoes and you will need your own hand wraps you can purchase a pair from the gym $15. We have a limited selection of gloves you can borrow on a first come first serve basis until you are able purchase your own. For your convenience, boxing gear is sold at the gym.

Fairbairn Boxing and Fitness

Fairbairn Boxing

Phone: +61 413 923 487

Here at FBF, we offer boxing classes to all skill levels. Check out our timetable to see what days and times we have available!

At Fairbairn Boxing, we are dedicated to creating a strong community that balances the elements of an authentic fighting gym and a welcoming environment with a true sense of camaraderie. Our gym is a world of its own for both instructors and members to strengthen one another through intense training sessions and grueling workouts. Beginners are invited to learn simple proper form and technique from skilled trainers with professional and amateur experience. Advanced students have the opportunity to trade blows in closely supervised sparring sessions. We are focused on learning and improving not only as fighters, but also as challengers of life’s unpredictability.

We’re located on Melbourne High School property at the famous Unicorn Club next to the oval. Our association with Freedom of Movement Yoga and Unseat Your Body gives you access to Yoga and Circuit style classes.

If you have any further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email!

Prestige Gym

Prestige Gym

Phone: 0416 522 744

At Prestige Gym we set ourselves apart from most other gyms, mainly because of our core vision and values. We are not a fitness centre. Improving your fitness is just the start and will result from rigorous training and commitment.

Moreover, Prestige Gym is a dedicated training gym for anyone that seeks to attain the best within themselves via boxing, Muay Thai or kickboxing.

  • Prestige Gym is the place for you if you want to:
  • Reach higher levels of personal achievement.
  • Compete as an amateur or professional fighter.
  • Participate in combat sports without competing.
  • Compete as a mature aged fighter.

Prestige Gym will develop your fighting aspirations and competitiveness properly, as a key aim is to produce a high calibre fighters.

We also want to help boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing to grow as individual sports. This ties into an important element of our philosophy: to provide a clearer understanding of combat sports’ role within society.

At the core of all combat sports lies a positive ethos aimed at bringing out the highest human qualities in people. More importantly, combat sports are primarily competitive sports with a defined set of rules to be performed in the ring.

At Prestige Gym we promote this positive spirit of combat sports, which is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Respect for the disciplines and other competitors.
  • Personal improvement and greater self-awareness.
  • Combat sports to be only used for self-defence out of the ring.
  • Psychological drive and fortitude.

Physical strength as a result and in connection with the above four principles.

300 Boxing + Fitness

300 Boxing + Fitness

Phone: 0421 726 636

What do you want from training at DEF Boxing?

Want to unwind after a long day at the office?
Want to get into shape?
Want to learn how to defend yourself?
Want to become a champ?

At 300 Boxing, we offer all of the above. Your coach(es) will tailor your workouts to fit your needs and long-term goals, whether you want to relieve stress, improve your conditioning, build strength, lose a few pounds, or have a championship belt around your waist. ​

Whether you choose intensive personal training sessions, the foundation or advanced group training, you get top-quality instruction made just for you!

Never trained in martial arts before? Everybody starts somewhere. Our coaches patiently and systematically teach and supervise all students the fundamentals. We recommend either Personal Training or our foundation group training class for beginners. Those who have mastered the basics then can move on to learn advanced techniques in our Advanced class. ​

Founded by Coach Nick Vidiniotis in 2018 and has spent over 15 years in both the Boxing and Fitness Industry, Coach Nick decided to create an environment to share his knowledge and inspire others to achieve their health and fitness goals everyone is welcome. 

Coach Nick has created a safe and friendly gym environment to cater for all levels of fitness, age and experience. From a total beginner to an elite athlete, there is a class for everyone.

​At 300 Boxing + Fitness, we are goal-driven with our clients’ safety and happiness coming first. When people join 300 Boxing + Fitness, they become more than just members, and they become part of the family.

​We understand that you can’t go from zero to hero overnight, that’s why we have created safe and progressive training programs that ensure your success in achieving your health and fitness goals.

Supafight Gym

Supafight Gym St Kilda — Mozilla Firefox 2021 02 0

Phone: +61 402 691 979

Supafight is Melbourne’s premier fitness boxing studio, offering a clean and welcoming setting that focuses on getting fit through the art of boxing. At Supafight, we incorporate the mental, physical, and emotional challenges of boxing into a fitness regimen and lifestyle. By providing high-energy group classes that are designed to test your limits and help you exceed your own expectations, Supafight uncovers what it truly means to realize your potential. Our coaches are passionate about cultivating an environment where clients can improve endurance and strength, sculpt a lean and toned physique, and learn a complex skill set through the art of boxing. With every punch, we inspire and unleash the inner warrior that fights hard and dreams bigger.


The SWEAT is what our community knows us best for – it’s the perfect blend of fundamental boxing technique & the latest in full body conditioning packed into a high-energy, music-fueled circuit workout aimed at helping you achieve a killer physique & a champion mindset. While you can always expect a carefully crafted balance of boxing & full-body burn, we have three variations on our signature SWEAT class to challenge your body, engage your mind, and give you just the right dose of aerobic, anaerobic, and strength training. All you have to do is show up.

S & C

In STRENGTH & CONDITIONING every class is strategically designed to focus on each muscle group essential to building explosiveness in and out of the ring; literally & figuratively. Picture this: 45 minutes of strengthening, toning, & building a foundation of long, lean muscle by way of kettlebells, dumbbells, battle ropes, booty bands and more! Your entire body will thank you, plus, you might turn a couple more heads the next time you're at the beach. All levels welcome. P.S. Leave your gloves at home.


In SWEAT we aim to match the pacing experienced in a real boxing match; figuratively speaking, of course. It's the perfect blend of maximum fat burning, accompanied by a memorable metabolic conditioning. Envision working at a steady pace, nonstop from the minute the bell rings, and then--seamlessly transitioning to a whole new level of explosiveness. 45 minutes of boxing, agility, low-impact plyometrics and active recovery (because you might need it!). Whether you're training for a fight or fighting off those extra lbs, consider this class your scale's biggest rival. All levels welcome.


In our signature BOX class, we dive deeper into fundamentals, technique, & overall knowledge of the sport. We fully believe that repetition of the fundamentals is the key to leveling up in your boxing skillset. BOX class focuses on the application, along with the “why” behind the art of boxing. Featuring: focused bag work, partner work, footwork drills, mirror drills, & more! If you are looking to fully immerse into the sport of boxing without the burpees, then this is definitely the class for you. You will walk out of every BOX class feeling like the champ!


Step into the [hypothetical] ring with us for a safe & supportive sparring experience. We’ll guide you through drills as you practice controlling your punches, reacting defensively, applying your footwork, and putting together combos.

Prerequisite: Coach's approval, headgear, and mouth piece required.

North Melbourne Boxing & Fitness

North Melbourne Boxing Fitness

Phone: 03 9328 8815

We are located at 64 Sutton Street North Melbourne. Only 10 minutes from Melbourne CBD – we are close to City Link entrance near Flemington Road (map), a 2-minute walk from Macaulay train station. Free parking available. Our gym is equipped with a 400sqm of matted training floor, 26 retractable heavy bags, 2 boxing rings, training equipment, weights, equipment sales, with showers & lockers for your convenience.

Boxers are the best-conditioned athletes in the world. Their training combines strength, speed, stamina, balance and agility supported by a high degree of mental conditioning.North Melbourne members train like boxers morning, afternoon and night. We provide the motivating environment for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to get in the best shape of their lives.

You can’t beat the constant challenges and life changing results provided by classes at North Melbourne. No matter your fitness goals, this is the place to get an amazing, structured workout,


Bayside Ladies Kickboxing

Bayside Ladies Kickboxing Tone Up & Tune Up Your

Phone: 0418 885 122

At Bayside Ladies Kickboxing, get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body in a safe and dynamic environment for women of all ages, sizes, fitness, and experience levels. Whether you're a first time boxer just interested in learning proper boxing technique or if you have your eyes set on the prize, our training focuses on technique from the ground up.

Our mission is to prepare you for the fight in the ring and out, and we believe that getting yourself back to work means setting your own pace. So come as you are, start where you are, and sign up to begin your journey with us today!

Intensity & Activity

Based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) our ladies boxing fitness classes are a full body rigorous workout that focuses on improving muscle tone, weight loss and developing your overall fitness, in a fun and supportive environment. A high-energy 45-minute boxing session that is ideal for toning your arms, butt, thighs and stomach and delivers fast and effective results.. They include core/abdominal strength and conditioning exercises, medicine/slam ball sets, pad/shield work, skipping, body/hand weight and floor exercises, bag burn drills and so much more, to ensure you make the most of your workout and achieve the best results. No two classes are the same!

If there is ever an exercise you’re not comfortable with or cannot do for any reason, we are happy to offer you alternatives to suit along the way.

Level & Experience

For beginners through to advanced skill and fitness levels, pregnant and post partum welcome (following the tick of approval from your doctor) No experience necessary.

When & How

Catered to work around your busy lifestyle, our ladies boxing class takes place at a convenient time for after-school drop-off. You’re are welcome to park your pram or bring your children to these sessions – We just ask that you bring along something to occupy them for the duration of the class.

Ladies Boxing sessions are at 9.15am – 10am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

One-on-one, private or small group personal sessions also available, please contact Beat Boxing for further details.

What do I need to bring?

HAND WRAPS  Minimum requirements are your own HAND WRAPS. Hand wraps can be purchased from Beat Boxing from $10-$15.

BOXING GLOVES  We recommend that you purchase your own gloves.  We have an extensive range that are available for purchase at Beat Boxing. However, while you are  in your first week trial, you are welcome to borrow our club gloves.

TOWEL We ask that you also bring along your own sweat towel to use while training & a WATER BOTTLE.

William Street Gym

William Street Gym

Phone: +90770407

Why You’ll Love Training With Us

Experienced Trainers Who Live and Breathe Boxing

Boxing and combat sports are a big part of our trainers’ lives. Having years of training, coaching and competition experience gives our trainers an edge over general fitness trainers who simply add a little bit of boxing to their circuits for variety.

Learn Real Boxing Skills

It’s more than just a fitness class. Our expert trainers will teach you correct and safe boxing techniques, making sure that you’re constantly improving and being challenged with every workout.

Stay Motivated in a Great Community

At WSG we’re proud that many of our members have been with us for years and keep coming back. Our trainers know our members by name and will work with you to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals.

Train at Your Own Pace

For those new to boxing, you can learn the fundamentals at your own pace through our beginner’s classes. For more experienced boxers, speak to our trainers about jumping straight into our general boxing class.

Take Your Boxing to the Next Level

Are you looking for a unique challenge? Whether you want to put your skills to the test or pursue amateur or professional boxing, speak to our trainers about sparring at William Street Gym.

No Sign-up Fees

We don’t like sign-up fees and we know you don’t either, that’s why we don’t charge any!

SuckerPunch Fitness

Suckerpunch Fitness

Phone: 0403 534 266

SuckerPunch Fitness is a professional boxing gym based in Melbourne. The gym offers extensive training and tailor-made programs for amateurs and professional boxers. It brings top quality boxing to Melbourne on a regular featuring established champions and up and coming prospects.

SuckerPunch Fitness is also passionate in providing services to the kids of the community. They teach them new skills whilst keeping them off the streets.

Headed by competent instructors, SuckerPunch Fitness offers boxing classes for various needs and groups with excellent training facilities and equipment.

Brighton Boxing

Brighton Boxing

Phone: 0413-244-614

At Brighton Boxing, you either become a fighter or get in shape like one! Our gym and community are so much more than just boxing. People from all walks of life come to us for personal training and fitness consultation, or just simply for a rewarding and fun workout. If you are searching for a good boxing gym in Melbourne, we have got you covered! Discover the Brighton Boxing experience. We offer high-quality boxing and fitness training in the Brighton area.

Unlike monotonous visits to your local gym, our boxing workouts not only make you lean and fit but also boost your confidence and self-defense skills. Brighton Boxing aims to make boxing accessible to everyone and bring the beneficial health, lifestyle, and transformation that boxing training can offer to you. Our goal is to improve YOU, whether you are boxing just for fun or you want to reach that fight weight that you’ve always wanted to get to. Our classes are for everybody.

We offer a variety of different boxing and fitness classes for people of all ages and varying fitness levels: Group classes, private training, and open gym times. Our gym has long opening hours in a facility that has everything you need to improve your boxing skills, your coordination, and to help reach your fitness goals. Your Brighton Boxing team and coaches all bring their vast experience and years of knowledge to provide YOU the best training platform, no matter if you are a newbie, professional, or box for fun.

Get fit with us and face all the fights in your life. Our team supports and guides you through the rewarding world of boxing. All of our coaching staff and trainers are certified and experienced professionals in various specialties including boxing, high-performance strength and conditioning, personal training, self-defense, Muay Thai, wrestling and more. No frills, maximum fun – train with us today! Call us or come by for your optimal boxing training!

Benny’s Boxing

Benny's Boxing —

Phone: 0406 002 211

Why choose personal training?

Personal training provides many advantages over self-guided fitness routines or gym memberships. With personal training you have the added benefits of someone who’s personally accountable for your fitness development. A personal trainer will also provide the extra motivation and guidance necessary to reach your fitness goals.

What separates Benny’s Boxing from other personal training companies?

Besides providing industry leading boxing training, Benny’s Boxing has successfully helped clients for over a decade. This extensive experience has allowed us to understand what works and what doesn’t. Benny and his trainers are all experts in their respected fields and industries, and they work closely with you to ensure your success.

Should I receive approval from a doctor before starting personal training?

Yes. It’s important to get doctor approval before engaging in any physical activity or program.

How do I start?

Simply fill out our online personal training enquiry form and we’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

What do I need to bring to a personal training session?

We ask that you bring plenty of water, a towel, and a positive attitude! Additionally, it never hurts to bring a small, healthy snack for when you’re finished.

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