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10+ Best Boxing Class Gyms Moorabbin, Melbourne

It makes no difference if you've never played a contact sport before and aren't sure which to choose, or if you're an accomplished Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or Mixed Martial Arts practitioner. You would, however, certainly benefit from learning how to box if only to enhance your game or stay in shape before your wedding.

Are you looking for a boxing gym or class in the Moorabbin district of Melbourne, Victoria, so that you may get in better condition, lose weight, and have more fun? You don't need to look elsewhere! The most well-liked boxing gyms in the Moorabbin region are listed below to make it easier to select the one closest to you.

Ultimate List Of Moorabbin Boxing Classes

Fit2Box - Boxing Studio In Moorabbin


Phone: 0433 115 312 

Fit2box Boxing Studio's main focus is boxing fitness. You watch boxing ringside as our trainers are engaged in the competition. We work hard to see you succeed because we are incredibly proud of what we do. Boxing, F2B Group Classes, personal training, and weight loss are some of our specialties.


Running, boxing and full-body workouts are all part of the training for an excellent workout.


Professional athletes and coaches created the intense group workouts at F2B specifically to knock your fitness to the ground.


Our intense program, which combines efficient boxing and fitness training methods, is good for everyone.


Our courses involve both general information and boxing fundamentals. For athletes, boxing is a popular off-season sport for cross-training. Your heart and entire body are strengthened when you box.

Learning the art of boxing is a fantastic way to keep your body and mind fit. Boxing for an hour doesn't feel like your typical hour-long workout.

Rarebreed Boxing Studio In Moorabbin

rare breed

At Rarebreed, people from various backgrounds and fitness levels can come together to be motivated to boost their health. With the help of experts, we motivate our community to foster a sense of self-determination, strengthen resolve, and improve their health and well-being. We guarantee to hold you responsible for achieving your ambitions.


Boxing is beneficial for everyone and, when practised in the correct environment, can help with skill development. Throughout our early sessions, we teach boxing fundamentals in a safe way.


No previous boxing experience is needed for this all-body, functional boxing training workout. Joining this course is essential for anyone who wants to gain lean muscle mass and burn calories.


Experienced boxers can work with expert combat teachers in rare-breed advanced-level boxing to improve their talents and broaden their sports knowledge. Boxing enthusiasts and competitors are welcome to this class.


Rare-breed strength classes promote the growth of muscle and strength. All essential lifts and complex exercises are taught. Your every move toward achieving a terrific physique will be monitored and adjusted.


At Rarebreed, we recognize how important it is for you to recover. Decompress in a relaxing hot stone sauna, magnesium hot spa, or magnesium ice spa, or just relax on a couch wearing our compression boots while gazing over the gym.

Real Deal Boxing Studio In Moorabbin

real deal

Phone: 0410 544 333

The real thing is what it is. REAL DEAL boxing is the place to go if you've always wanted to learn how to box or if you want to improve your skills. Christian Ennor, a well-known fighter, is the owner and operator of this business in the Bayside district.

Boxing at its finest is available at The Real Deal Boxing Club. The RDBC is committed to improving strength, full boxing, fitness, and general well-being. Boxing has a distinct personality and originates in both the US and UK's early years of the sport. The lasting, audacious, and exhilarating sport of boxing is depicted in this movie, along with its real-life training methods and skills. Christian Ennor, one of Australia's most well-known and respected teachers, infuses his boxing and strength-training facility with his distinctive personality and sense of flair. Real Deal has the best and friendliest instructors in the industry. They have professional boxing skills and a strong desire to share their knowledge with Real Deal's customers. The local boxing scene has reached a whole new level of enjoyment and professionalism thanks to Real Deal.

FAQs About Boxing Gym

Cross trainers are a great alternative to boxing shoes because they have similar features. Running sneakers are less than ideal because they have a thick sole that can make pivoting and turning difficult. They also usually don't provide much in the way of lateral support.

Boxers are extreme athletes, and water is their lifeline. The importance of water hydration is at the top of the list for athletes. The right amount of water is needed before and after exercise to properly regulate body temperature, lubricate the joints and helps your body provide you with vital energy.

Some boxers experience persistent residual cognitive and physical symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, balance difficulty, and memory problems for many days or weeks after a fight. This is often referred to as a “groggy state,” or more commonly the post-concussion syndrome.

Boxing is a complete fitness system. It stimulates muscle growth, enhances muscle endurance, as well as providing good cardio that helps strengthen your heart and gives you more energy. And because boxing utilizes practically the entire body in a variety of movements, your body becomes a calorie-burning machine.

You can box every day if you manage the volume and intensity of your sessions. The best way to do this is to alternate hard and easy boxing days so you avoid overuse injuries and fatigue.

Fight Impact Moorabbin Boxing Classes & Gym

fight impact

Phone: +61 411 233 365

Our combat instructors and personal trainers at Fit Impact are committed professionals passionate about what they do. All of our strength and conditioning classes, as well as our combat sports sessions, are conducted by knowledgeable and professional trainers who have all participated in their specialized sports, so they can give you the necessary emotional and physical support to help you reach your goals.

Our unique method of providing personal training is based on the understanding that every person has specific needs. The personal trainers at our facility are skilled at helping clients achieve their goals, whether they are to gain more muscle, lose body fat, enhance athletic performance in a particular sport, or rehabilitate from an accident. Thanks to the noticeable improvement you'll be making, you can anticipate being tested and pushed to your limits while still having a fantastic time throughout your exercises.

Our combat coaches and trainers at Fit Impact have a keen interest in the athletic apparel industry. The martial arts instructors are skilled practitioners who have competed in the discipline and have hands-on combat experience. We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service and in imparting time-tested knowledge.

We take great pride in being able to spread information about the advantages of martial arts to everyone willing to put up the effort to practice diligently and give it a shot. For anyone who is interested in competing, we do offer instruction. Since we put the fight back into fitness, as our slogan implies. We specialize in teaching athletes of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned competitors.

Brother Boxing Moorabbin Boxing Classes & Gymbrother boxing

Phone: +61 479 199 566

Our boxing facility is located in Cheltenham and serves Melbourne's Bayside neighborhood.

We provide tailored starter programs so that those who are new to boxing can gain confidence while learning the sport and keep their enthusiasm to improve their fitness. They claim that boxing isn't for everyone, but we contend that as long as the right conditions are there, everyone can learn how to box.

With the boxing sport as its cornerstone, Brother Boxing offers a wide range of services. Numerous martial arts, strength and conditioning, circuit training, group classes, boxing fitness, clinic treatments, and food advice are among the services offered.

Melbourne Fight Club Moorabbin Boxing Classes & Gym

melbourne fight club

Phone: (03) 9620 5433

As your level of physical fitness soars to astonishing new heights, focus on honing your boxing technique. You'll find that your arms and midsection tone have improved as you build a stronger core. Our boxing classes are created with beginners in mind and emphasize hands-on experience. Starting with pad practice and instructing you on how to slip, weave, block, and punch properly.

The biggest purpose of Fight Club Melbourne is to teach you the information and techniques required for proper and effective boxing. We want to make sure that you understand the importance of footwork and that you rotate your body to generate the most force. One of the many things we try to make sure you accomplish with our help is this.

By signing up right away, you can profit from our Introduction Personal Training (PT) sessions with one of our qualified trainers. We will have the chance to spend 30 minutes getting you ready for class. During your Introduction PT, which is meant to help you feel at ease before you start courses, we will demonstrate how to wrap your hands, handle pads (targets), and practice the proper technique.

Boxing Fit Moorabbin Boxing Classes & Gym

boxing fit
Phone: 1300 269 348

People of all different fitness levels can participate in the more than 17 sessions available per day, the 100 classes offered each week, and the 30 different types of programs. Therefore, there is a range of sessions that can meet your goals for working out, whatever they may be. You will burn fat and calories during each 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session while also gaining strength, enhancing your fitness, and, most importantly, observing results.

Additionally, BoxingFit Port Melbourne has just finished building a brand-new weight and cardio gym outfitted with the most modern and cutting-edge fitness equipment. Moreover, they are now open continuously.

BoxingFit is not a for-profit, exclusive gym. Our approach to teaching is both traditional, inviting, and forward-thinking at the same time. Instead of expecting saunas or jacuzzis, you should prepare to receive top-notch boxing instruction.

There are no contracts of any type or direct debits. Lessons are an hour long and are organized based on a thorough curriculum that will get you where you want to be. Our instructors are qualified professionals with relevant expertise who genuinely care about the things they teach. This is more than just a job to them.

We welcome applicants of all experience levels to join our team. Whether your objective is to increase your fitness level or take part in athletic competition, we have space for you.

Sting Gym Moorabbin Boxing Classes & Gym

sting bayside boxing gym

Phone: (03) 9793 0055

At Sting Gym, training is offered in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Boxing, Self Defense, Fitness Classes, Kids Classes, and Personal Training for both male and female participants. We at Sting Gym are here to help you reach your goals to improve your health, get in shape, or even learn self-defense techniques. Additionally, those who are interested in a profession in this area might benefit from our possibilities for specialized training. The most popular program is known as "Unlimited Training." You can replicate a range of various fighting training regimens in our classes.

You will work in both big and small groups while being watched over by our skilled training specialists, which will be quite similar to having a team practice. They will work with you one-on-one in the ring, focusing on proper form and technique, after bringing you through boxing and conditioning drills in the beginning. Depending on your schedule, each workout lasts sixty minutes, give or take a few minutes.

The Unlimited Training course is a superb deal that you shouldn't pass up because it is both flexible and affordable. The best aspect is that you can exercise during any of our daily sessions and that you are not required to schedule a time in advance.

We have a simple application and a release of liability that must be completed in order to start your membership. Is it possible to stroll in and use the gym whenever I want, or do personal training sessions need to be scheduled in advance? Our facility offers daily and monthly "Drop-In" rates. We also provide private training sessions in addition to that. For more details, please refer to the fees page.

Fairbairn Moorabbin Boxing Classes & Gym


Phone: +61 413 923 487

For students with all levels of training experience, FBF offers boxing classes. Look at our schedule to familiarize yourself with the days and times we have openings.

At Fairbairn Boxing, we're dedicated to building a strong community that finds a balance between the traits of a true boxing gym and those of a welcoming setting that encourages a sincere sense of camaraderie. Our gym's trainers and members may support and encourage one another through demanding workouts, creating a unique environment within our facilities. Beginners are encouraged to benefit from the chance to study fundamental forms and techniques from qualified instructors with both professional and amateur experience. Advanced skill level students are permitted to spar in environments that are adequately supervised. We are dedicated to advancing our knowledge and strengthening our fighting skills as well as our capacity to deal with the uncertainties of life.

The renowned Unicorn Club is located on the Melbourne High School campus, just next to the baseball field. We are able to provide yoga and circuit training programs because of our collaboration with Freedom of Movement Yoga and Unseat Your Body.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to email us!

Prestige Moorabbin Boxing Classes & Gym

prestige gym melbourne

Phone: 0416 522 744

Nearly all boxers begin their careers as amateurs. A succession of amateur competitions up to the highest level, which is competing at the Olympic Games, gives them the chance to enhance their abilities and experience. This is frequently a stepping stone to a professional career, even though many boxers "turn pro" without first reaching the top amateur level.

Once a beginner has developed their skills to a reasonable basic level, Prestige Gym, a boxing gym in Melbourne, uses internal sparring to train our boxers. After this, there may be an athletic competition or interclub sparring. The fighter's career then begins.


300 Boxing + Fitness Moorabbin Gym

300 boxing +

Phone: 0421 726 636

All of these services are offered by 300 Boxing. Your coach(es) will modify your exercises to match your requirements and long-term goals to make sure you get the most out of your time in the gym, whether you want to reduce stress, improve your conditioning, increase strength, lose a few pounds, or wear a championship belt around your waist. ​

Regardless of the fitness program, you choose—intense personal training sessions, basic or advanced group training—you receive top-notch instruction tailored precisely to your needs.

Never had any prior martial arts training? Everyone's journey can start somewhere. Our coaches, who also oversee all participants, gently and carefully instruct the students in the fundamentals. For people who are just starting, we highly recommend personal training or our foundation group training session. Students who have already shown that they understand the fundamentals are ready to advance and take part in our Advanced session. ​

The health and happiness of our clients come first at 300 Boxing + Fitness because we are goal-driven. As a result, when individuals enroll to join 300 Boxing + Fitness, they quickly learn that they are welcomed into the family in numerous ways.

We have created training programs that are safe and progressive to increase the possibility that you will succeed in achieving your health and fitness goals because we are aware that it is impossible to go from doing nothing to becoming a hero in a single day.


Supafight Moorabbin Boxing Classes & Gymsupafight gym

Phone: +61 402 691 979

One of the most well-known and recognized Muay Thai kickboxing instructors in Australia is Don Millar. Don was a finalist for trainer of the year at the 2013 Australian Muay Thai Awards. He is a former Australian Champion who received his training in Thailand and always goes above and beyond to advance the Australian Muay Thai scene.

North Melbourne Boxing & Fitness

north melbourne boxing & fitness

Phone: 03 9328 8815

64 Sutton Street, in the North Melbourne neighborhood, is our address. We are close to the City Link entrance on Flemington Road, just ten minutes from the Melbourne Central Business District (map). There is about a two-minute walk to the Macaulay train station. There is free parking available. Our facility has a 400 square meter matted training space, 26 retractable heavy bags, two boxing rings, training gear, weights, and the option to buy gear. For your convenience, there are also showers and lockers offered.

Of all athletes, boxers have the most impressive physical conditioning. Their training program places a strong focus on mental toughness as well as physical skills including strength, speed, stamina, balance, and agility. Every morning, afternoon, and evening, North Melbourne members train in a boxing style. We provide a motivating workout atmosphere so that people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds can achieve the best physical condition of their lives.

The continually challenging exercises and drastically varying results you can get from attending classes at North Melbourne are unparalleled. In addition, regardless of your fitness ambitions, it is the best place to enjoy fantastic, well-organized training.

Bayside Ladies Kickboxing Moorabbin Boxing Classes & Gym

bayside ladies kickboxing

Phone: 0418 885 122

Our classes incorporate self-defense, cardio exercise, and kickboxing. Our enjoyable and engaging sessions will astound you with how much more flexible you become.

You'll find yourself having a good laugh a lot, having a great time, getting in shape, and letting go of your problems for the day all at once.

The foundation of Bayside Ladies Kickboxing (BLK) is a balanced approach to all we do. It is a component of the Nutaofit Martial Arts Academy (NMAA), where Fit denotes both physical and mental fitness and Nu suggests nutritional knowledge. As a division of NMAA, BLK focuses on teaching and honing students' self-defense, cardio, and kickboxing skills so they may apply them in any circumstance. We provide individuals with alternatives by using both verbal and physical methods of communication.


William Street Moorabbin Boxing Classes & Gym

william street gym

Phone: +90770407

William Street Facility, a boxing gym in Melbourne, is located in Caulfield South.

William Street Gym (WSG) offers more than just a workout. We've assembled a team of dedicated, enthusiastic, and highly qualified trainers that can show you the genuine abilities and methods that make boxing such a powerful and practical activity, in addition to the sport's many health benefits.

One of the main draws of boxing is its tremendous health, weight-loss, and stress-relieving advantages, but at WSG, we understand that everyone's path is unique. So that you can continue to be committed and train, we develop a community of welcome and devoted members.

SuckerPunch Moorabbin Boxing Classes & Gym

suckerpunch fitness

Phone: 0403 534 266

SuckerPunch Fitness, a boxing gym with facilities in Melbourne, is a reputable establishment. Boxers of all levels can benefit from the complete training and specialized programs offered by the gym. Due to this initiative, rising boxing contests featuring renowned champions and promising young fighters frequently take place in Melbourne.

In addition, SuckerPunch Fitness is devoted to serving the requirements of the young people living in the neighborhood. They keep them off the streets while giving them the chance to learn new skills.

For its boxing classes, SuckerPunch Fitness offers a top-notch training center, apparatus, and qualified instructors. These courses are designed to fulfill the unique needs of a diverse group of individuals and organizations.

Brighton Boxing Classes & Gym Moorabbin 

brighton boxing

Phone: 0413-244-614

For those who wish to box for fitness and weight loss or learn and improve their boxing skills, Brighton Boxing offers private and small group boxing lessons.

We cater to all fitness levels and are fully trained boxing coaches with Boxing Australia. Sessions consist of:


  • Individualized Boxing Training
  • Train With A Friend Or Partner
    • Pad-work
    • Heavy Bag
    • Noodles
    • Floor-to-Ceiling Ball
    • Uppercut Bag
    • Skipping
    • Slip-Rope
    • Speedball
    • Head Movement
    • Partner Drills
    • Footwork Drills
    • Hand-Eye Co-Ordination
    • Endurance
    • Stress Relief
    • Core Fitness

Benny’s Boxing - Moorabbin Boxing Classes & Gym

benny's boxing

Phone: 0406 002 211

Personal training provides a number of advantages over self-directed workout plans or club memberships. When you participate in personal training sessions, you also gain the advantage of having someone hold you directly responsible for your improvement in fitness. A personal trainer will keep you accountable and give you the extra motivation and guidance you need to reach your fitness goals.

In addition to providing the best boxing training available, Benny's Boxing has been successfully assisting clients for more than ten years. We have a great deal of experience, so we can tell which techniques work and which don't. Benny and his coaches work closely with you to assure your success because they are all very qualified experts in the topics and fields in which they specialize.

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