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How Does Boxing Betting Work?

Boxing can be a great sport to bet on. However, unlike other sports, top fights do not occur every day, meaning that when the chances come along to use your boxing knowledge, you should grab it with both hands.

Unlike many sports, boxing betting is often easier to understand because it is much more limited. After all, there are far fewer potential bets in a classic boxing match than most other sporting events. However, if you’re lucky enough to cash in on your state’s newly-approved online sports betting laws, you’re going to need to know what you’re doing before you ever think about placing a wager.

There is the possibility of up to twelve rounds in a boxing match in boxing. However, there can be fewer rounds. This is because the boxing match finishes if one opponent gets knocked out or gives up. This can potentially happen even in the very first round!

Another thing to remember is that even though judges score the boxers, this does not necessarily have any bearing on the outcome. So, for example, while judges may give Boxer A the highest scores in the first three rounds if Boxer B knocks Boxer A out in the fourth round, Boxer B wins, despite having lower scores in previous rounds.

This is especially important to know when betting on a boxer as you may not be betting on the one who will do best in every round. Instead, you may know that one Boxer has a lethal punch that could knock out his opponent if he lands a solid whack. In this sense, you may bet on this Boxer as he only needs one good punch to knock out his opponent and win the entire match.

Boxing betting is one of the best ways to keep fans engaged and feel like they’re part of the community, which is especially true when a major fight is coming up.

Perhaps you have friends interested in the sport and who constantly participate in betting. This article will help you get started in joining them!

+500 in boxing odds is American odds representing which player is the underdog and how much can be earned from betting on them. For example, +500 shows how much one can win if one bet $100 on the underdog. If the underdog wins, the bettor will win $500 plus their $100 wage.


There are many ways to bet on boxing. When betting on boxing, you can make a money line wager. That’s where you bet on who you believe will win the fight. In addition, there are prop bets available such as the method of victory, total rounds (how long a fight will last), points betting, and parlays.


In general, boxers are allowed to bet on themselves. The one major event where boxers are not allowed to bet is the Olympics. On the contrary, boxers are never allowed to bet against themselves.


That means there is twice as much of a chance of the fighter losing as winning, in terms of the simple fraction. That’s 33.3%. So when we look at odds of 3/1, the fighter would have three times a chance to lose than to win.


The one with a minus sign is a favourite, and the number next to it is how much you must BET to win $100. When a fighter is listed with a plus-sign, he is always the underdog, and the number next to the plus-sign is what you WIN if you bet $100. Note: You don’t have to bet or try to win $100 in a boxing bet.


Boxing Betting: Explained

Boxing remains one of the world’s most popular spectator sports, with the biggest bouts attracting millions of TV viewers via Pay Per View and subscription deals. The ‘sweet science of pugilism also lends itself to betting, so it is no wonder that many millions of people go in search of boxing betting tips.

In this article, you can find an answer to the question, ‘How does boxing betting work?’ We’ll tell you where you can find the best boxing betting tips and give you a few pointers on what types of bet you can place on the Fight Game. If you’re looking to have boxing betting explained, you’re in the right place, so read on to find out more!

The list below will give you a good indication of how the business works.


A boxing card will revolve around the main fight for the evening. Like an entertainment show, the fights will be in the order of popularity, but this almost always coincides with the status of a particular fight. When most fans buy a boxing ticket for a selected event, all the focus will be on the main fight for the evening; this will be emphasized by the number of empty seats for the first fight on the card. These fights will be made up of promising newcomers. In some cases, the penultimate fight will also be significant if the mainstream fight is particularly lucrative.


The boxing fight will consist of 12 rounds, every 3 minutes in length. The match can be ended in three ways. First, the match can go the distance where the fate of the outcome will be in the hands of three judges who score each round independent from each other. The second one would be in the form of a knockout or technical knockout where one of the fighters is forced to stop or throws in the towel before the end of the bout. The third one is not common at all, but it is in the form of disqualification. When this ruling occurs, the opposing fighter will reward the fight.

Boxing Betting Lines Explained

Sportsbook boxing betting lines will have listed odds in the hundreds and thousands. These lines are always relative to $100 bets. For example, a money line for a boxing match between two fighters might have Otto Wallin at a +200 and Tyson Fury at a –125, with a draw having odds of +2000. These numbers are called the “odds,” and they determine how much you have to gamble to win or lose your bet.

For example, if you bet $500 on Otto Wallin, and Wallin pulls off the upset, you’ll win $1,000 on the water and get back your $500 bet for a total of $1,500. If you bet that same $500 on Tyson Fury, and he wins to win, you’ll win $400 for the bet while getting back your initial $500 wager for a total of $900. The odds change all the time for fights and can be anywhere from EVEN for a perfectly level match or a complete mismatch like -1500 and +3000, and you can bet whichever increments you feel comfortable with.

Scoring System

The scoring system is based on a round-by-round basis in which the three judges independent from each other decide who wins a particular round. If someone has the upper hand, a judge will commonly award the round to a fighter 10-9. On the other hand, if they can dominate the fighter and make the Boxer hit the ground, they are likely to reward the round to the fighter 10-8. There are some cases where the rounds can be scored differently, but these are rare. 10-7, for example, would suggest that a fighter has fallen to the ground twice during a single round which is usually an incredibly strong indication that the end is nigh.

Boxing Betting Over/Under

how does boxing betting work2

Boxing betting over/under rounds works like any typical over/under wager. The oddsmakers will post the information about each fight, including the number of rounds that will be the over/under bet baseline. For example, if someone wagers the under on a fight posted at an over/under of 10 rounds, and the fight lasts the full 12 rounds, they would lose their wager. However, if they wagered over, they would have won.

This is another bet where it’s important to do your homework. First, know the fighters so that you understand their stamina, fighting style, and how long their fights typically last so that you can make smarter bets on the over/under.


So, a fighter will look to win a boxing match in two ways. This can be achieved either by winning on points or knocking out (stoppage). The ref has the right to demand that the judges drop a point from their scorecard for a fighter in a particular round if they feel certain rules have been broken. This will often occur if a fighter is holding onto their opponents frequently or doing something illegal to stop the flight from having any flow openly. The most obvious reason would be for illegal hits, such as any strikes below the belt.


The odds of a boxing match will be ideally designed to represent the likelihood of certain outcomes happening in a match. The outright winner market will usually be the easiest one to decipher, while markets such as the fight to go the distance will have a lot of statistical data factored into it.

During the fight itself, the odds of certain markets will fluctuate a lot depending on how the match is playing out. For example, if the heavy underdog performs much better than expected, his odds of winning the fight will be reduced.

Fight Outcome Bets in Boxing

In this market, you have to predict both the winner and the method of victory. Here is an example:

  • Joe Frazier by KO, TKO or Disqualification +150
  • Joe Frazier by Decision or Technical Decision +200
  • Mike Tyson by KO, TKO or Disqualification +300
  • Mike Tyson by Decision or Technical Decision +450

Draw or Technical Draw +3300

At this moment, correctly backing the outcome for $100, you’ll win the amount listed.

In all of the above markets, the odds are listed relative to bets of $100 – this doesn’t mean you have to wager that amount. Instead, smaller or larger bets are paid out on a pro-rata basis.

How Do You Read Boxing Odds?

Understanding money lines is an important first step to reading boxing odds. 

Boxing odds are written in money lines rather than fighter odds because, in boxing, the odds aren’t always a whole number. 

Boxing odds are written with plus (+) and minus (-) symbols, and to read boxing odds, you need to know what those symbols mean.

‘Money Line’ and Fighter Odds 

Many would say that betting the money line is one of the easiest and simplest ways to bet in sports. 

Here’s how simple it is — you place a bet, and if you pick the winner, the sportsbook will pay you the amount owed.

In boxing, money lines are simply another way to express fighter odds.

Let’s say you’re considering placing a bet, and you see the money line +400. What does that mean?

It’s just another way to express the odds. 

In this case, +400 means the odds are 4 to 1.

It’s as simple as that. Kind of.

The + and – signs are significant — we’ll explain in more detail below.

But for now, an example may suffice.

Let’s take the +400 mentioned above. This would be 4 to 1 for the underdog. If you bet $100, you would win $400.

However, let’s say you are looking at – 400. This means the favourite has 4 to 1 odds. So you would have to bet $400 for every $100 you want to win.

Ways To Bet On Boxing Matches

Thankfully, we live in a world where depending on the area in which you live, you should be spoilt for choice with all the places you can have a bet on boxing fights.

Means of Betting

  • Land-based betting. It can be done in casinos or traditional bookmakers, which are still very common in the UK. In this instance, you will have to manually fill out a bet slip and get a receipt from your betting place.
  • Online fixed-odds betting. Refers to bets placed on a boxing event on a traditional bookmaker. With fixed odds, once you have submitted your bet, the odds you have bet withstand, and this will not change regardless of what happens at a later date.
  • Betting exchanges. Are where you can bet with odds that have been determined by other customers such as yourself. The main difference with an exchange site is placing a lay bet. This is a type of wager where you will be betting against a particular outcome to happen to suppose to against it.
  • In-play live betting. Occurs when a fight is in play. Bookies will suspend the match while the rounds are in action, but between the rounds, punters will be able to place bets based on the action they have seen.

Some Types Of Boxing Betting Explained

Of course, if you want to use the latest boxing betting tips, you need to understand the types of bets that can be placed on boxing. For example, you can gauge which fighter will win the bout, which round the fight will end, or whether the fight will go the distance and be decided on points. You can also bet on the method of victory – points, knockout or technical knockout being the usual options. There is also a great range of in-play bets that you can place on boxing bouts. Boxing lends itself to life to bet, so when you gain experience, make sure you give this a try.

A Few More Boxing Betting Markets Explained

Besides the betting types mentioned above, we should mention the following ones:

Winning Method. This bet calls out how you think the fight will end, will fighter A win by decision, knockout, TKO, or DQ? This is where you’ll place your bets. Some boxing betting sites will even go so far as to provide separate odds for the different fighters. This is another one of the more common boxing betting scenarios.

Winning Group of Rounds. This boxing betting method is very similar to betting on the round winners. However, the difference here is that you’re betting on a group of rounds. For example, if you knew that a fighter generally starts strong and tries to win the match in the first three rounds, you’d bet for him to win rounds one to three. These types of bets generally give out one of the best odds. It’s also the type of bet you’d make if you had lots of experience in boxing.

Boxing Betting – Strategy

Social media makes it easier to stay in touch with what is going on around a fight – maybe you’ve heard a boxer is sparring well, or they have sent out a very confident tweet. Maybe a fighter is nursing an injury or struggling to make weight. Use all these factors in evaluating a fight, and you’ll be in a good position. Other questions you could ask are:

  • Which is the hungrier Boxer?
  • Is the bout taking place in one of the Boxer’s hometowns?
  • How did the boxers perform recently?
  • How do the two styles compare? Does one boxer struggle against the other’s style?

Boxing Betting Markets: Different Types Of Boxing Bets

One of the most lucrative betting opportunities for punters is the big boxing fights. These bouts typically come around thick and fast, so it is always worth knowing about all the open markets to bettors before the event takes place. Check out the beginner’s guide to betting on boxing if you are a novice because the heavyweight scene has never been more vibrant and competitive than it is right now. With top-class fighters in the other weight categories, too, there is always an opportunity for a good wager on a top sportsbook.

The boxing betting markets that are available to fans are unlike any other sport, and with that comes a lot of new information that bettors must learn about before making their first bet on the sport. Here are the most interesting boxing betting types open to fighting fans.

Bout Bets

Bout bets, also known as outright winner bets, are when you bet on who would win the fight. This is the simplest type of wager you can place on a fight, and whatever data you use to make your decision should centre around the likelihood of a particular fighter winning.

Example – Vasyl Lomachenko “To Win Tight” (odds: 1.2). If we were to place a $100 bet on Lomachenko to win this fight, we would be set to return a sum of $120. This will be a profit of $20. This would pretty much classify him as an overwhelming favourite for the fight.

Round Betting

how does boxing betting work

One of the more unique boxing bet types is round betting. It allows bettors to combine the fighter they believe will win the fight and the round they will achieve the victory. This bet type doesn’t need to be correct on the method of victory; instead, it is just the round and fighter combination. For example, in the Ruiz and Joshua fight, you could put a wager on Joshua to win in round 11. If he wins the fight in this round, then the bet is a winner, but if he doesn’t, the stake is lost, and the bet is a losing one. It can be an incredibly lucrative boxing bet type.

Handicap & Spread Bets

Handicap or spread betting can be best utilized when there is a clear quality between the two fighters. The idea of handicap betting is to bet on a certain fighter to win the fight with a margin of error.

Example – Floyd Mayweather: Handicap: -7, Odds: 1.35 Final score 120 -110. We have placed a $100 bet on Floyd Mayweather to win the fight by 7 points or more in this scenario. The – sign indicates this. If there were a + sign there instead, he would need to lose the fight by 7 points or more for our bet to succeed. If our bet is successful, we would see a return of $135, which would mean we have made a profit of $35.

Group Round Betting

Good insurance bet on the big fights can be found in the group round betting market. Unlike round betting, you can group numerous rounds. For example, you can have the winning fighter and then the rounds you think will win. Most bookmakers group these in three, so you could bet on 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 or 10-12. The bet is a winner if the chosen fighter wins between the rounds you bet on. There are also markets with alternative round betting, either fewer rounds or more in the designated betting sections.

Method of Victory Bets

It is possible to bet on the method of victory. The two main methods available to bet on would be on points or by KO or TKO. The last two mean that the fight is stopped because the fighter can’t continue. It is not important if this decision is enforced by the referee, the fighter, or his team. The other method is disqualification, but very few bookmakers offer this on betting sites.

Example – Terence Crawford to win by KO or TKO. Odds: Evens. In this scenario, if you were to stake $100 on this bet, you would see a return of $200. This would leave you with a profit of $100.

Will The Fight Go The Distance Betting

One of the most interesting elements of boxing is whether the fight will go the distance and the judges’ scorecards. The betting market for this allows the bettor to put a simple stake on yes or no, and the bet is then decided once it ends. If you put the stake on yes, and the fight goes to the scorecards, it is a winning bet. If not, then the stake is lost.


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