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How Does Boxing Betting Work?

Boxing is a popular sport for wagering. Since elite fights don't happen every day, as in other sports, you should seize the opportunity to put your boxing expertise to use whenever it arises.

Contrary to several sports, boxing betting is frequently simpler to comprehend due to its much more constrained nature. After all, compared to most other sporting events, classic boxing matches provide significantly fewer betting opportunities. You'll need to be knowledgeable about your options before you ever consider placing a wager, though, if you're fortunate enough to profit from your state's recently passed online sports betting legislation.

The number of rounds in a boxing bout can reach up to twelve. There may be fewer rounds, though. This is so that if one opponent is knocked out or gives up, the boxing battle ends. This might take place even in the first round!

Another thing to keep in mind is that, despite the fact that judges give the boxers ratings, the results are not always affected by these ratings. As a result, if Boxer B defeats Boxer A in the fourth round, even if the judges may have given Boxer A the highest scores in the first three rounds, Boxer B would win.

This is crucial information to have when placing a boxing wager because you might not be selecting the fighter who would perform best overall. Instead, you might be aware that one boxer possesses a deadly blow that, if he connects with it, could render his opponent unconscious. In this sense, you may wager on this boxer because all it takes is one strong blow to finish off his opponent and win the fight.

When a big bout is approaching, boxing betting is one of the finest methods to keep spectators interested and make them feel like members of the community.

Perhaps you have pals who are avid bettors who are also interested in the sport. You can start joining them now with the assistance of this article!

+500 in boxing odds is American odds representing which player is the underdog and how much can be earned from betting on them. For example, +500 shows how much one can win if one bet $100 on the underdog. If the underdog wins, the bettor will win $500 plus their $100 wage.


There are many ways to bet on boxing. When betting on boxing, you can make a money line wager. That’s where you bet on who you believe will win the fight. In addition, there are prop bets available such as the method of victory, total rounds (how long a fight will last), points betting, and parlays.


In general, boxers are allowed to bet on themselves. The one major event where boxers are not allowed to bet is the Olympics. On the contrary, boxers are never allowed to bet against themselves.


That means there is twice as much of a chance of the fighter losing as winning, in terms of the simple fraction. That’s 33.3%. So when we look at odds of 3/1, the fighter would have three times a chance to lose than to win.


The one with a minus sign is a favourite, and the number next to it is how much you must BET to win $100. When a fighter is listed with a plus-sign, he is always the underdog, and the number next to the plus-sign is what you WIN if you bet $100. Note: You don’t have to bet or try to win $100 in a boxing bet.


Boxing Betting: Explained

Boxing continues to be one of the most watched spectator sports in the world, with the biggest matches luring millions of TV viewers via subscription services and Pay Per View. It is understandable that millions of people look for boxing betting advice because the "sweet science of pugilism" lends itself to gambling.

The solution to the question, "How does boxing betting work?" can be found in this article. We'll let you know where to look for the top boxing betting advice and provide you with some advice on the many kinds of wagers you can make on the fight game. You've come to the correct place if you want to understand boxing betting, so keep reading to learn more.

The list that follows will give you a decent idea of how the company operates.


A boxing card will centre on the evening's headline bout. The battles will be arranged in the order of popularity, similar to an entertainment programme, but this usually always corresponds with the status of a particular fight. The primary fight of the evening will be the attention of most boxing fans who purchase tickets to a particular event; the number of empty seats for the opening bout on the programme will highlight this. These battles will include talented newbies. Sometimes, if the mainstream bout is very lucrative, the penultimate fight will also be notable.


Twelve rounds, each lasting three minutes, will make up the boxing match. Three strategies can be used to conclude the game. First, the match has a chance to continue, leaving the outcome in the hands of three judges who will independently score each round. The second would be a knockout or technical knockout in which one of the fighters is made to halt or declares defeat before the fight is over. The third is the least frequent, although it takes the form of disqualification. When this decision is made, the opponent will win the fight.

Boxing Betting Lines Explained

The advertised odds for boxing bets in sportsbooks will be in the hundreds of thousands. These odds are always based on $100 wagers. For instance, Otto Wallin and Tyson Fury might have odds of +200 and -125 on the money line for a boxing contest between the two boxers, with odds of +2000 for a draw. The "odds"—also known as these figures—determine how much you must wager in order to win or lose your wager.

For instance, if you wager $500 on Otto Wallin and he wins, you'll win $1,000 on the water and receive your $500 wager back for a grand total of $1,500. If you place the same $500 wager on Tyson Fury and he prevails, you will receive $400 for the wager in addition to receiving your original $500 stake returned, for a total of $900. You can bet in whatever amounts you feel comfortable with because the odds for fights can range from EVEN for a completely even match to a complete mismatch like -1500 and +3000.

Scoring System

The three judges, who are impartial to one another, determine who wins each round individually as part of the scoring system. A judge will frequently give a boxer the round by a score of 10-9 if they have the advantage. However, if they successfully control the action and force the boxer to the canvas, they will probably award the round to the fighter 10-8. The rounds can sometimes be scored differently, but these are uncommon. For instance, a score of 10-7 would imply that a fighter had gone to the ground twice in a single round, which is typically a very strong indication that the fight is about to end.

Boxing Betting Over/Under

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The over/under rounds bet in boxing operates similarly to other over/under bets. The oddsmakers will disclose the number of rounds that will serve as the over/under bet baseline, along with other details about each fight. For instance, if a wager is placed on the under on a fight with an over/under of 10 rounds and the fight goes the full 12 rounds, the wager is lost. But they would have prevailed if they had bet more.

Another wager where research is crucial is this one. To make wiser wagers on the over/under, first get to know the fighters so that you are aware of their stamina, fighting style, and average battle duration.


So a boxer will try to win the bout in two different methods. This can be done by eliminating the opponent or winning points (stoppage). If they believe certain rules have been broken, the referee has the ability to request that the judges deduct a point from their score for a fighter in a specific round. This typically happens when a fighter repeatedly grabs their opponents or engages in illegal behaviour to prevent the flight from flowing freely. The most obvious justification would be for unlawful hits, like any blows delivered below the belt.


The optimal boxing match odds will be created to depict the chance of specific outcomes occuring during a match. The market for the clear winner is typically the simplest to understand, whereas markets for fights that go the distance will take into account a lot of statistical data.

The odds of some markets will change significantly during the actual fight, depending on how the contest is progressing. For instance, the big underdog's chances of winning the fight will be diminished if he performs far better than anticipated.

Fight Outcome Bets in Boxing

It would be best if you foresaw both the winner and the means of triumph in this market. Here's an illustration:

  • Joe Frazier by KO, TKO or Disqualification +150
  • Joe Frazier by Decision or Technical Decision +200
  • Mike Tyson by KO, TKO or Disqualification +300
  • Mike Tyson by Decision or Technical Decision +450

Draw or Technical Draw +3300

You will now receive the indicated sum if your $100 wager on the outcome is correct.

The odds are stated relative to wagers of $100 in each of the markets above, but this does not obligate you to place a stake in that amount. Instead, payouts for smaller or larger wagers are prorated.

How Do You Read Boxing Odds?

The first step in reading boxing odds is to comprehend money lines.

Because the odds in boxing aren't usually a whole number, money lines are used instead of fighter odds when describing the odds.

Boxing odds are written with plus (+) and negative (-) characters, and you must understand what those symbols signify in order to comprehend boxing odds.

‘Money Line’ and Fighter Odds 

One of the simplest and easiest ways to wager on sports, in the opinion of many, is to use the money line.

You place a wager, and if you correctly predict the winner, the sportsbook will reimburse you for your stake.

Money lines are just another way to communicate fighter odds in boxing.

Imagine you are debating putting a wager when you notice the money line +400. Why does that matter?

It's merely an additional way to state the odds.

The chances are 4 to 1 in this situation, so +400.

That's all there is to it. Sort of.

The significance of the + and - signs will be discussed in more detail later.

But for now, a simple illustration should do.

Take the +400 that was indicated earlier. The underdog would win this bet 4 to 1. You would gain $400 if you wagered $100.

Let's assume, though, that you are viewing -400. This indicates a 4 to 1 odds against the favourite. Therefore, if you want to win $100, you must wager $400.

Ways To Bet On Boxing Matches

We are fortunate to live in a world where there are many options for sites to place a wager on boxing matches, depending on where you live.

Methods of wagering

  • Land-based betting. So it is possible to do it at casinos or at the UK's many traditional bookmakers. You will need to physically complete a bet slip and obtain a receipt from your betting location in this case.
  • Online fixed-odds betting. Refers to wagers made on a boxing match at an established bookmaker. With fixed odds, once you place your wager, the odds you have chosen will stand regardless of what transpires in the future.
  • Betting exchanges.  The place where you can place a wager using odds that have been set by other customers just like you. Placing a lay bet on an exchange site is the primary distinction. This form of wager involves wagering against a specific outcome to occur or to be assumed to occur.
  • In-play live betting. Happens whenever a conflict is active. While the rounds are being played, bookmakers will halt the match, but during the breaks, bettors can put wagers based on what they have witnessed.

Some Types Of Boxing Betting Explained

Of course, knowing the many kinds of bets that can be made on boxing is necessary if you want to employ the most recent boxing betting advice. You can predict, for instance, which fighter will prevail, the round in which the fight will end, or whether the contest will continue and be determined by points. You can also wager on the winner's method, with the standard choices being points, knockout, or technical knockout. You can also place a wide variety of in-play wagers on boxing matches. Make sure to practise this when you have more experience because boxing lends itself to betting.

A Few More Boxing Betting Markets Explained

In addition to the above betting categories, we should also note the following ones:

Winning Method.  This wager expresses your prediction as to how the battle will conclude. A victory by decision, TKO, knockout, or DQ? Your bets will be placed here. Some online bookmakers for boxing even go so far as to offer different odds for each fighter. Another of the more typical boxing betting scenarios is this one.

Winning Group of Rounds.  Betting on the round winners is extremely similar to this boxing betting strategy. But in this case, there's a distinction because you're wagering on a number of rounds. For instance, you would wager on a boxer to win rounds one through three if you were aware that he typically starts strong and seeks to take the match in the first three rounds. The odds on these bets are typically among the finest. Additionally, if you had a lot of boxing expertise, this is the kind of wager you would place.

Boxing Betting – Strategy

Social media makes it simpler to keep informed about events leading up to a fight; perhaps you've heard that a boxer is sparring effectively or that they've tweeted with a lot of assurance. A combatant can be dealing with an injury or having trouble losing weight. You'll be in an excellent position if you take into account all of these aspects when judging a battle. You may also want to consider asking:

  • Which is the hungrier Boxer?
  • Is the bout taking place in one of the Boxer’s hometowns?
  • How did the boxers perform recently?
  • How do the two styles compare? Does one boxer struggle against the other’s style?

Boxing Betting Markets: Different Types Of Boxing Bets

Huge boxing contests are one of the gamblers' most profitable betting options. Since these fights frequently happen quickly, it is always a good idea for bettors to be aware of all the open markets before the event. If you are new to boxing betting, check out the beginner's guide because the heavyweight division has never been this exciting and competitive. There is always a chance to place a winning wager at a reputable sportsbook because there are also elite competitors in the other weight divisions.

Because there are different betting options for boxing than for any other sport, bettors need to understand a lot of new information before placing their first wager on the activity. The following are the most intriguing boxing betting options available to fight fans.

Bout Bets

When you wager on a fight, it is known as a bout or an outright winner wager. The easiest form of wager you can make on a fight is this one, and the main factor you should consider when making your choice is the possibility of a particular boxer winning.

Example – "To Win Tight" by Vasily Lomachenko (odds: 1.2). We would receive a return of $120 if we had wagered $100 on Lomachenko to win this bout. This will result in a $20 profit. He would effectively be considered the fight's overwhelming favourite based on this.

Round Betting

how does boxing betting work

Round betting is one of the more distinctive styles of boxing wagers. It enables gamblers to combine the fighter they think will prevail in the fight and the round they think they will win. This form of wager only needs to be correct regarding the combatant and round combination, not the method of victory. For instance, you may wager on Joshua to win in round 11 of the fight between Ruiz and Joshua. If he prevails in this round of the fight, the wager is a winner; however, if he loses, the stake is forfeited, making the wager a loser. It can be a very profitable form of boxing wager.

Handicap & Spread Bets

When there is a noticeable difference in skill between the two fighters, handicap or spread betting can be used most effectively. The objective behind handicap betting is to place a wager with a margin of error on a specific fighter to win the bout.

Example – Fletcher Mayweather -7 handicap, 1.35 odds. Final result: 120–110. In this case, we have a $100 wager on Floyd Mayweather to win the bout by 7 points or more. The minus symbol denotes this. In contrast, if there were a plus sign there, our wager would win if he lost the fight by seven points or more. In the event that our wager is successful, we would receive a return of $135, which would indicate a $35 profit.

Group Round Betting

The group round betting market has some good insurance bets for the big fights. You can bundle several rounds together, unlike round betting. You may, for instance, list the boxer you believe will win, followed by the rounds. You might bet on the numbers 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, or 10-12 because most bookies arrange these in groups of three. If the selected fighter triumphs between the rounds you choose, your wager is a success. In the allocated betting sections, other markets have alternate-round betting, either with fewer rounds or more.

Method of Victory Bets

You can wager on the winning strategy. The two main options for wagering are on points or via KO or TKO. The final two indicate that the contest has been terminated because neither party can proceed. It makes no difference who enforces this ruling—the fighter, the referee, or his team. Disqualification is the alternative strategy. However, very few bookies provide it on betting websites.

For instance, Terence Crawford will prevail through KO or TKO. The odds are even. In this case, you would receive a return of $200 if you staked $100 on this wager. You would still make $100 in profit as a result.

Will The Fight Go The Distance Betting

The judges' scores and whether the bout goes the distance are two of the most intriguing aspects of boxing. On the betting market for this, a bettor can place a straightforward wager on yes or no, and the wager is then resolved when it expires. If you bet on yes, you will win your wager, and the battle gets to the scorecards. The investment is lost if not.


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