25 Morning Habits That Will Change Your Life

One of the activities that I wouldn't say I like doing the most is getting up early in the morning. So coffee and breakfast are the only things I look forward to when I open my eyes in the morning.

But if you change a few things about how you start your day, you'll find that you get much more done. For example, consuming water right before bedtime or taking vitamins daily are just two simple adjustments that can yield immediate advantages.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about how some basic changes to your morning routine may completely transform your life.

What are some of the things you do first thing in the morning? Do you start each morning with a specific activity that helps you get in the zone? It is essential to make certain that you get off to a strong beginning; hence, if you do not already have a mentor, you should look for one as soon as possible.

This piece was written specifically to assist you in getting the most out of each day. I'd want to share with you some things that have the potential to alter the course of your life and explain how doing so can be beneficial to you.

You could find some of them simple to carry out, while others require more time or effort. Nevertheless, you will find that these routines will continue to serve you well long after today has passed.

It makes no difference whether it is the middle of the week or the weekend; we should always provide our best effort. This blog post is broken into several sections dedicated to a particular subject. Therefore, feel free to skip around as necessary.

Do you wish to make significant changes in your life? To answer your question, that is the purpose of this blog entry. I'm going to talk to you about some wonderful morning routines that will help alter your life, and I hope you'll find them helpful.  

Some are simple to do, while others are more challenging, but regardless of their difficulty level, you should try to complete them all because of the benefits you will receive. The first habit is getting up at a reasonable hour every day. Studies have shown that those who get up early report higher levels of happiness and greater productivity compared to those who sleep in or go to bed later in the evening.

Another thing you can do for yourself is to practise self-care by working out daily. It helps us maintain a healthy weight, lowers stress levels, and provides more energy!

Do you ever find that when you get up in the morning, you have the impression that you are not prepared for the day? Do you ever wish there was a way to get out of bed earlier and still be ready and on time for whatever you have planned? You are not alone. The majority of people, at some point or another, have shared that sentiment.

You'll find that becoming more productive and having easier mornings are possible thanks to the many small habits that can aid you. As a result, we have put up this list of easy things to do before beginning work, school or anything else!

Some of them may strike you as obvious, while others may astonish you with how helpful they can be in certain situations. These suggestions will completely transform your life (very literally, in some cases! ), from simply becoming more organised to consuming significantly more water.

Let's get started!

1. Wake Up An Hour Early

If I were to suggest something as absurd as that, you might want to curse me but hear me out.

I know that you may put in long hours at work and retire to bed after a late hour. However, you would take first place in the competition if dozing off while an alarm was a sport at the Olympics.

On the other hand, can you picture what your mornings might be like if you weren't in such a hurry?

Imagine for a moment that you were the one who got up before your children rather than being who they roused. Then, if you give yourself an extra hour in the morning, you can enjoy a leisurely start to the day and find some time for yourself in the process.

It might need to get an hour earlier start to your day. You may find that you have less time for yourself at night due to this decision, but you will come to appreciate the time you have for yourself in the morning.

2. Read The Entire Newspaper

Although I'm unsure if I have the time or energy to devote to this, I know that other individuals vouch for its effectiveness. For example, Fran Tarkenton, who is in the NFL Hall of Fame and the creator of and Tarkenton Companies, has been doing this for decades.

According to Tarkenton, he starts his day by reading an entire newspaper. However, this is not just his local newspaper. Rather, he reads various newspapers to obtain various perspectives and viewpoints on everything that is going on in the world and how it may impact his life and business.

In addition, he claims that he doesn't skip any part of it, not even the parts that Tarkenton deems to be dull, because he considers gaining new knowledge a crucial component of his day.

Reading the complete newspaper can be advantageous since it provides information at levels of detail that TV sound bites or short headlines cannot adequately explain.

It gives readers access to a wide variety of information about developing news and places it within its proper context. In addition, it is quite in-depth and reveals to readers information that they could have needed but weren't even aware they needed.

You have the option of ignoring the newspaper (and possibly remaining ignorant), only reading newspapers that confirm the biases you already hold, or searching for, reading, and processing a diverse range of news in newspapers that are written by professionals who are dedicated to their work but are not biassed.

Possibly, you will choose the third and final option if you concentrate on improving yourself personally.

3. Drink A Glass Of Water Right When You Wake Up

It's important to stay hydrated, baby!

There is a good chance that most of us do not consume the recommended amount of water each day.

You should begin each day by drinking a glass of warm lemon water that is 16 ounces in capacity. (By investing in a good water filter pitcher, you can ensure that the water in your home is clean and suitable for consumption).

If you want to develop the habit of drinking more water throughout the day, start your day with a glass of water every single day when you first wake up.

On top of that, drinking water can help reduce feelings of tiredness as well as the morning brain fog that seems to affect every one of us.

A helpful hint: Add fresh lemon for additional medicinal properties.

We are not suggesting that you put in the entire lemon and squeeze the juice out. Instead, you should use a few drops of the solution.

This pattern is useful since it:

  • Quicken your awakening.
  • Brush up on your oral hygiene.
  • Consume a significant amount of vitamin-rich foods.
  • Reduce the sensation of being hungry.
  • Aid your digestive system.

It is much simpler to carry out than it may appear, and doing so is an excellent method to get the day started. The only thing that is required of you is to fill a glass with water and then add a few drops of lemon juice to the water. Is that not the case?

4. Conserve Your Utilities

When it comes to the cost of your monthly utilities, turning off the lights and appliances in your house, business, or apartment can save you a sizeable amount of money every month. Not only is it uncomplicated to carry out, but it is also beneficial to the natural world.

You can give your efforts a boost by including several seemingly insignificant behaviours in your routine, such as the following:

  • For instance, make sure the lights are turned off anytime you leave a room.
  • When not in use, electronic devices should have their power turned off. (Many electronic devices will frequently enter a mode known as "standby", which still consumes some electricity).
  • During the summer, you should keep the windows and doors open instead of turning the air conditioning on and utilising fans for cooling. Save the air conditioning for those days when the heat is unbearable.
  • In the winter, keeping your blinds and shades open allows more sunlight into your home, which warms the space without requiring additional energy.
  • It is important to match the size of your pot to the burner that is appropriately sized. If you want to achieve the same outcome with a smaller pot or pan on a larger electric coil, you will need to consume more energy.
  • When doing loads of laundry, you should use cold water. Compared to washing garments in hot water, this method produces results that are almost as good yet cost approximately 40 cents less per a load of laundry.
  • If you will be gone for more than a few days, ensure the water heater is turned off. It takes a water heater an hour to reheat the water, but it saves a significant amount of energy while you are gone for several days.

5. Exercise


We need to move our bodies first thing in the morning.

Our bodies feel incredibly stiff and exhausted in the mornings, although we just slept for six, seven, or even nine hours (God bless you if you can get that much sleep).

In addition to being beneficial to your health, getting some exercise can also help you feel more alert. You can accomplish this activity by going for a run, going for a walk with your dog, practising yoga, or going to the gym.  First, however, you should ensure that it is something you look forward to doing.

Exercising first thing in the morning may appear to be a challenge, but after a few weeks of consistently doing it, it will become a habit that you can't think how you ever got by without.

6. Scan Your Local Buy/Sell Facebook Groups

People who want to get rid of things (clothing, appliances, furniture, etc.) that are too nice to throw away but don't want to go through the hassle of sending them to a donation centre can find a "buy nothing" group in many cities. These groups are for people who want to get rid of stuff.

By providing opportunities for individuals to lend a hand to those who reside in the same general region, the organisations in question contribute to developing a healthy and supportive feeling of community.

When my daughter started outgrowing some of the more expensive baby equipment (like her Pack 'n Play, mamaRoo, and a tonne of clothes), I posted them on a local "buy nothing" Facebook page to see if anyone was interested in taking them off my hands. Of course, as soon as local mothers heard that they could get these essentials for free, they rushed to take them off my hands, and they were gone in a matter of hours.

You will also be able to uncover garage sale sites on Facebook that are localised to your city. These sites will allow you to make purchases at prices that are significantly reduced.

If you are in the market for a specific item that you anticipate will cost you a significant amount of money, frequenting these Facebook pages can help you save a significant amount of money throughout your shopping experience.

7. Practice Gratitude

Getting into the habit of expressing thankfulness first thing in the morning can help set the tone for a productive and optimistic day.

Meditation, keeping a gratitude journal, telling someone you love them, and doing yoga are many ways to express gratitude. The important thing is that whatever method you choose should have some personal significance for you.

It serves as a helpful reminder of all the things you do have rather than the things you do not have.

It is an exercise that you can continue doing throughout the day!

8. Weigh Yourself Every Day

I know you do not wish to hear something of this nature. However, doing so consistently can assist you in setting specific objectives for your health and fitness.

It would help if you also kept in mind that your weight will change during the day. Because of this, you shouldn't become discouraged if you see an increase in your weight for one or two days. Last but not least, to get the most accurate results, you should always weigh yourself simultaneously.

9. Get Some Fresh Air

Taking in some oxygen from the outside world allows us to refocus our attention and revitalise our bodies.

I am not familiar with the psychological underpinnings of this phenomenon. Still, spending even a short time outside can help us feel more at ease and connected to the wider world.

Spending even a short time outside will help you get a better start on the rest of your day. It is true even if all this entails is rolling down the windows on your way to work or taking your morning coffee outside.

A breath of fresh air will also help you feel more alert, and isn't that exactly what we're going for first thing in the morning?

10. Check The Weather

Many individuals have cited the climate as an alibi for their failure to engage in physical activity. Justifications such as, "Oh man, it's chilly out there. I can't go running as planned".

You can put that Plan B into action if you check the weather forecast in advance, which is especially important if you intend to conduct any activity outside. You can adjust your plans if the weather prevents you from participating in particular physical activity.

You would have achieved your fitness objectives and been quite proud of yourself.

Even if the weather is bad, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to get your workout in, including the following:

  • Going to the gym, which is an indoor activity!
  • Putting in a full day of window shopping at the local shopping centre (walking burns calories).
  • If you dress appropriately for the weather, you should be able to complete the outdoor workout that you've planned. However, as the well-known British fellwalker, author, and illustrator of guidebooks Alfred Wainwright once said, "There is no such thing as bad weather. Only inappropriate clothes".

11. Layout Clothes The Night Before

Most of us are not at our peak performance in the morning.

At least the vast majority of us.

If you can roll out of bed and immediately begin producing something that will change people's lives five minutes later, please share your secret!

However, most of us cannot perform even the most basic tasks before our first drink of freshly brewed coffee.

By laying out your clothes the night before, you can save time, tension and energy in the morning.

Extra credit is awarded to those who plan and set out their training attire and their daytime attire.

12. Take A Cold Shower

Take a quick shower in the morning to get your day off to a strong and disciplined start. "Cold water immersion" is a practice that, when performed first thing in the morning, can stimulate the function of every organ and nerve in the body.

And because most of us do not have a pool in our backyards, the next best thing is to take a shower that is as cold as possible.

This exercise has physiological benefits that will jolt your body into a state of alertness. These benefits include increased heart rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure.

It will also help to speed up your metabolism because your body will have to work much harder to maintain a consistent temperature as a result of the significant shift in temperature.

And I have some good news for those who believe that taking a quick shower as soon as you get out of bed is one of the worst ideas that have ever been thought up.

Many of the studies that have been conducted on the advantages of engaging in this behaviour have led researchers to the conclusion that the water temperature in your shower does not have to be extremely cold throughout the entirety of the shower for you to benefit from it. Instead, stay submerged for thirty seconds to two minutes in water at approximately 68 degrees Fahrenheit (or 20 degrees C).

13. Practice Rebounding

People are beginning their mornings differently due to a fashionable new fitness technique called rebounding. But first things first, you're going to need a mini trampoline.

Rebounding offers many different advantages, including the following:

  • Sinuses cleaned out
  • Lean and toned muscles
  • Enhanced capacity of the lymphatic system
  • Increased imaginative capacity

One of the most beneficial aspects of rebounding is that it does not require a significant amount of space. As a result, you can begin rebounding immediately, regardless of whether you live in your own house or an apartment.

14. Listen To Upbeat Music

Blare out Taylor Swift, Beyonce, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or Drake — or whatever else you consider to be lively music — whatever it is, do it!!!

When you're listening to some of your favourite tunes, it's hard to be in a grumpy attitude.

Imagine your surprise when you realise that listening to happy music will put you in an upbeat mood.

15. Take Daily Vitamins

Everyone should take vitamins daily, and doing so consistently will result in a marked improvement in how you feel about your day.

Vitamins are necessary because they:

Help establish a stronger immune system
Raise people's awareness
Ensures your body gets vital nutrients
Build stronger bone

Vitamins can give your body the kickstart to get going and assist your mind in remaining concentrated throughout the day. However, read the recommendations carefully before consuming any specific vitamins to ensure you do it correctly.

16. Eat A Healthy Breakfast


I am well aware that skipping breakfast is a completely reasonable option.

You don't even wake up hungry in the morning and don't have the time to make breakfast.


Do you recall what I mentioned earlier? First, we will get some exercise to work up an appetite, and then we will get ourselves up extra early so that we can eat breakfast.

Pick something that will keep you full and satisfy your appetites, such as eggs, oatmeal with fruit, granola,  or yoghurt.

Whatever makes you happy, you do you!

17. Exercise Your Brain

Playing brain games has a lot of different positive effects on people, and doing so first thing in the morning is the ideal method to get your brain going for the rest of the day and get yourself ready for it.

People of any age need to be purposeful about keeping their minds sharp and engaged to benefit from a healthy brain. So doing brain exercises is not just for the elderly population.

Research has revealed that one of the most important factors in maintaining healthy cognitive function throughout time is engaging in a wide range of mentally challenging activities, which forces one's brain to operate in novel ways.

When you exercise your body, you want to engage and challenge more than one muscle at a time. Similarly, when you exercise your brain, you need to keep more than one region of your brain busy to keep it sharp.

If you want to prepare your brain for a lifetime of ongoing education, playing brain games regularly is a smart place to start. So it is because playing these games will get your brain used to accepting (and memorising) new knowledge.

Your mind will not be challenged if you spend the entire day in a state of autopilot, as is the case for many people.

Even though it's beneficial to have muscle memory and cognitive recollection of some day-to-day activities, such as driving or checking out at the grocery store, you need to put it through new challenges to keep your brain in shape.

You can keep your cognitive health in good standing and ensure that you are operating at your highest level of performance by engaging in several mental exercises.

18. Maintain A Food Journal

If you want to shed some pounds successfully, you will need to incorporate this into your morning routine, even if it is likely not something you look forward to doing.

Keeping a food journal allows you to observe exactly what you are feeding your body and how much food you are consuming daily. You might be astonished to learn how much you take in daily.

The following are some reasons why food journals are useful:

  • First, make yourself accountable for the food that you consume.
  • Second, give you a concrete illustration of your routine activities each day.
  • Third, I strongly advise you to refrain from eating small "snacks".
  • Finally, assist you in achieving your desired level of health.

Recording what you consume in a food journal may at first appear to be a burdensome activity, but after some time has passed, you will come to take joy in doing so.

19. Plan Out Your Goals For The Day

My life and sanity depend on having three primary goals to work toward daily.

Having a plan for these three things will make it far more likely that you will be able to check off at least three of your objectives by the end of the day.

It makes it easier for you to maintain your motivation and focus on the tasks that truly need to be completed.

In addition, it will ensure that you do not stay up late bingeing on that show you love (again) until you have completed your three primary responsibilities.

20. Let The Natural Light In

Do you remember when your parents would enter your room and open the blinds for you? Even though it may not be pleasant, waking up to natural light is beneficial since it helps you get off to a good start.

The use of natural light provides a variety of benefits, including the following:

  • Contributing to the improved mood as well as perception
  • Making it possible to carry out activities
  • The regulation of the circadian system of the body

This advice is only useful during the day, but developing the habit of doing it every day is necessary. In addition, because you are not using the lighting much throughout the day, your utility expenses will drop, which is a positive side effect at the very least.

21. Have A Mint

Mints have other uses outside, simply masking the odour of the bad breath. You can sniff an Altoid, chew some strong mint-flavoured gum, brush your teeth with mint toothpaste, or dab some peppermint essential oil under each nose. All of these options are available to you.

You may wish to incorporate mint into your project for the following reasons:

  • Increases mental alertness
  • It is a natural stimulant
  • Helps with the deterioration of memory

There are a variety of applications for mint, and how you choose to utilise it will determine the effects that it has. For instance, you can take it internally (provided that the instructions are followed) or apply it to the skin for various advantages.

22. Have Something Positive To Look Forward To

It is Monday, and you are backed up in traffic while it is raining outside. Goodie.

Do you have any ideas about what would be helpful?

Imagine that you had something to look forward to every day.

On Mondays, you might prepare your all-time favourite food for supper. On Tuesdays, you might arrange to have lunch with a buddy. On Wednesdays, you might make plans to go on a date. You get the idea.

It could differ from week to week, but making sure you always have something to look forward to can completely shift your frame of mind.

Certainly, it would help if you focused on living here and now. Yet, if you find that you aren't getting the most out of the here and now, it's okay to look forward to the future!

23. Make An Antioxidant Smoothie

You might want to give creating an antioxidant smoothie a shot if you're looking for a quick pick-me-up. (Check out these recipes for green smoothies!) They are an easy and delicious way to receive the nutrients and vitamins your body needs in a format that is not complicated.

The following items make up my particular favourite:

  • One cubic inch of frozen mixed berry mixture (usually containing strawberries, cherries, pomegranate, raspberries, and blueberries)
  • Four ounces of plain Greek yoghurt that is nonfat and fat-free
  • One mug of milk made from almonds
  • Two tablespoons of ground flaxseed

Just combine all the ingredients in a high-quality blender until they are completely smooth, and then you can take your smoothie with you wherever you go.

You can adjust the consistency to your liking by adding or removing water from the mixture. It has a wonderful flavour that will please even the most discerning family member.

Making a drink made of green juice is another option besides this one.

24. Eat Other Nutritious Foods

Smoothies are delicious, but you can't expect to exist only on them for the rest of your life. A wide variety of additional food options can be good for your performance and that you can consume for breakfast.

The following are some recommendations that I have:

  • Having a cup or dish of berries to snack on
  • Having a breakfast bar for breakfast
  • Adding granola or almonds to yoghurt as a topping
  • Putting an egg on top of an English muffin that has a high-fibre content

You can combine any of these alternatives however you see fit, which will benefit your health. Never settle into a routine because your body tends to acclimate to things quickly. It's always worth it to explore new avenues!

25. Wear A Step-Tracking Device

The simple act of putting on a device that counts your steps can remarkably affect your overall level of physical fitness. Step trackers are small electronic devices, typically in the form of watches, that count the number of steps you take and the number of floors you climb daily.

It's possible that "putting on a step-tracking device" can appear as a habit that doesn't matter at first glance. But you'd be surprised at the number of individuals who purchase these gadgets but don't even bother to put them on.

If you begin clipping on this gadget daily, you will take that essential first step in establishing an exercise routine. And because you'll have to keep this device on you at all times, you'll find excuses to move around more frequently during the day.

If you do not currently own a device that can monitor your step count, please feel free to read the detailed review of the top pedometers on the market, which includes a comparison of the prices and features of the most common pedometers.

Final Thoughts

I hope this piece has motivated you to shake up your morning routine in the most positive ways available to you.

I dare you to give it a chance if you haven't already.

Observe how you feel after two weeks of adhering to these practices. Test yourself to see if you can stay calmer and more focused as the day progresses. Check to see if it becomes more of a habit rather than a duty for you, and maybe even see if you *gasp* enjoy doing the things on your morning to-do list.

I have a strong intuition that you will succeed!

Can I modify my morning routine on weekends or holidays?

You can modify your morning routine on weekends or holidays to suit your needs and preferences. It's important to maintain consistency during the week to establish a habit, but allowing yourself some flexibility during weekends or holidays can help prevent burnout and allow for a well-deserved break. You can choose to modify the duration or specific activities in your routine to accommodate leisure time or different schedules.

How long does it take to establish a new morning habit?

The time it takes to establish a new morning habit can vary from person to person. While there is no definitive timeline, research suggests that it takes an average of 66 days for a habit to become automatic. However, this can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the habit, individual motivation, and consistency in practising the habit. It's important to be patient with yourself during the process and focus on gradual progress rather than expecting immediate results.

Can I modify my morning routine over time?

Absolutely! Morning routines are not set in stone and can be modified to suit your evolving needs and circumstances. Life is dynamic, and what works for you now may not work in the future. As your goals and priorities change, feel free to adjust your routine accordingly. It's essential to remain flexible and open to exploring new habits and activities that align with your current lifestyle and aspirations. Remember, the purpose of a morning routine is to support your growth and well-being, so modifications are encouraged as needed.

How long should my morning routine be?

The ideal length of a morning routine varies from person to person. It depends on your schedule, commitments, and personal preferences. Some individuals may prefer a shorter routine that lasts 30 minutes, while others may opt for a more extended routine of 1-2 hours. The key is to allocate enough time to engage in activities that align with your goals and promote your well-being without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

How can I create a successful morning routine?

Creating a successful morning routine begins with identifying your goals and priorities. Start by considering activities that contribute to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Plan your routine in advance and be realistic about the time you can dedicate in the morning. Gradually introduce new habits and allow yourself the flexibility to adjust as needed. Experiment with different activities to find what works best for you, and remember that consistency is key to forming a habit.

Frequenly Asked Questions About Morning Habits

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