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Located in Dandenong and looking for boxing classes to get fit, lose weight and have fun? You've come to the right place. Dandenong Boxing offers personal training, boxing studio & gym.

  • Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.
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Boxing Gym In Dandenong

Trusted boxing gym & classes in Melbourne, with over 10 years experience we've helped over 5000 bodies get fit, lose weight while having fun!

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Call 0420 404 000, or fill out the form below to start your journey!

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Rarebreed is a facility that provides an all-inclusive environment that inspires our community to achieve their health and fitness goals.
Guided by professionals, we encourage our members to evoke self-empowerment and gain courage and progress towards health and wellbeing.
We promise to hold our member accountable to their goals. Together, we achieve the end result.


We think boxing is for everyone and that it's crucial to develop one's abilities in the proper setting. In a supervised, safe atmosphere, our beginner boxing courses will walk you through all the fundamentals and develop your skills. The key to your development is practice, and at Rarebreed, development is rewarded by merit. Your transfer to the following level will happen quickly.

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No prior experience is necessary for this full-body, functional, and boxing fitness session. You will be led through a variety of functional and boxing workouts by our Rarebreed trainers, all of which are intended to get your body moving and your heart rate up. All fitness levels that want to build lean muscle and burn the most calories should take this class.


Rarebreed advanced level boxing offers seasoned boxers the chance to train with our professional fight trainers, honing their skills and increasing their understanding of the sweet science of boxing. This course is for you if you wish to become a fighter or if boxing is your own sport of choice.

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Rarebreed strength classes are performance-based and designed to increase muscle mass and strength. The focus of this training is on compound movements and all significant lifts. We'll keep an eye on your development and adjust it as you get closer to your ideal body.


Boxing Training

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There has been a recent surge in the popularity of boxing – and it is easy to see why. Boxing is a fun and challenging form of training that has many physiological and psychological benefits. It is complex, dynamic and demanding, yet can be tailored to meet any level of fitness. As far as exercise goes, it ticks all the right boxes.

Boxing training provides a high-intensity cardio workout that is great for heart health, fat burning and general fitness. Agility, coordination and endurance are also pleasant side effects of regular boxing training. Boxing keeps you constantly moving, thinking and sweating.

The added benefits of putting on the gloves include improved self-discipline and self-confidence The technical nature of the sport requires body and mind to be switched on and many boxers often find themselves becoming more focused and mindful in day-to-day life.


Dandenong Boxing

Dandenong #1 fitness & gym studio

Whether you want to be a professional fighter, get fit, learn to defend yourself or just have fun, Dandenong Boxing is right for you.

Life long athlete and experienced trainer

Want to get fit and feel good about yourself? Or maybe you want to compete in the ring as an Amateur? Here at Joe’s Boxing, our aim is to provide a safe and friendly class environment for men and women of all skills and fitness levels. Located just 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD in Dandenong Boxing, is an all-inclusive gym and we’re proud to have 25% female membership, in addition to a growing contingent of up and coming kids on the roster. We don’t separate the girls from the guys, at Dandenong Boxing, everybody trains together.


  • Great Communication Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Educated and Well-trained
  • Great Personality
  • Patience

What our boxing clients say

sophie conway
sophie conway
Before joining Rare Breed my boxing and physical shape was just not where I would like it to be and found I was not getting anywhere at my previous gym. Found Rare Breed and very glad I did I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, and my boxing has improved immensely with the highly educated and talented trainers at Rare Breed. Staff are all so welcoming and the vibe of the gym is next level with music pumping and all you could ever want in a recovery area such as compression boots, sauna, ice bath and magnesium hot tub.Get around Rare Breed best place to be! Year has past since joining and still absolutely loving it!!
charlie salter
charlie salter
All the coaches Ray, Wayne, Joel, Jeremy and Tahkara (I've missed some) are super technical, encouraging, motivating and above all really friendly and welcoming. Hands down the best boxing gym I've trained at.
Lily Culham
Lily Culham
Alright, buckle up for this rollercoaster ride through Rarebreed, the antidote to all your fitness woes! Forget about those run-of-the-mill F45 joints with trainers who think they're the next fitness gurus. Rarebreed is where it's at, folks! Picture this: I stroll in for a community day, invited by a good friend Nicole, thinking, "Eh, might as well give it a shot." Little did I know, I'd be greeted by the one and only Gwayne aka "Man of Steel", the tattooed wonder with a heart of gold. And get this, you can play Fortnite while getting your muscles mashed in those recovery boots – now that's multitasking at its finest! After getting your muscles mashed, step into the hot stone sauna, where every ounce of tension melts away. Ah, bliss. But wait, there's more! Ever heard of a magnesium ice spa? Yeah, it's as exhilarating as it sounds – freezing your butt off has never felt so good (supposedly, at least). And for the brave souls, there's the hot magnesium spa, rumored to have more health benefits than a superfood smoothie. So, after all that, who wouldn't want to come back for more?But wait, there's more! Free trial week, anyone? By day three, I was practically begging Cooper to sign me up. My very first boxing/conditioning session, I paired up with Ray, not realising he's actually one of the owners. I'm just trying to keep up with him, sweating buckets and struggling to match his pace. Partnering with a pro boxer? Yeah, definitely not my brightest moment. But hey, it's all part of the fun, right? And those boxing classes? Let's just say, if you score a sparring session with Ray or Gwayne, consider yourself blessed. Three minutes of pure adrenaline and maybe a bruise or two – totally worth it!Now, let's talk about the trainers. Broderick, aka the "smiling assassin," will make you sweat bullets with his burpees and that devilish grin. And Tikara, aka "T," will work you so hard, you'll be twerking involuntarily – it's a vibe, alright! Joel, the "oosh oosh" man, is all about those fist pumps and killer combos. And Jimmy "the Gem"? He's like T's male counterpart, ready to kick your butt into shape!Oh, but we can't forget Jeremy, the beanie-wearing drill sergeant with shoulders to envy. Seriously, he's like a one-man army, pushing you to your limits while you're begging for mercy. And let's give a shoutout to Kamal, the youngest but fiercest trainer of them all – this kid's got heart and motivation for days!In a nutshell, Rarebreed isn't just a gym – it's a sanctuary. The members? Awesome. But it's the trainers who elevate this place to legendary status. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up already, champ! It's time to unleash your inner Rarebreed badass!
Ethan Chapman
Ethan Chapman
Killer classes, friendly and knowledgable staff that are amazing at teaching boxing and keeping you alive with banter mid workout. Also the recovery area slaps
Tara Phillips
Tara Phillips
A newbie with only a few sessions under my belt yet already can say I have never ever felt more welcome, supported and motivated at a gym! Trainers and fellow class members are all there to support and cheer you on in achieving your goals, regardless of your experience. Well done to all at Rare Breed, you really have created an amazing environment.
lawrence sukhu
lawrence sukhu
Love the intensity and the variety, supportive trainers that push you to your limits and great facilities especially the recovery pools! Would highly recommend 👌🏾
Oliver Breen
Oliver Breen
a one of a kind gym, recommend it to all thinking about joining or giving it a go. from the family like training approach to the recovery section at the back, rarebreed has it all.
Mary Armatas
Mary Armatas
Everyone here is awesome. Full of encouragement enthusiasm and everyone is so friendly. A great group of people, and very well organised.
Paulo Fernandes
Paulo Fernandes
New to rare breed and loving it at the moment. Great trainers and a supportive group of people. Facilities are awesome and plenty of classes to choose from. Trust me, give it a go
I started at Rare Breed at the start of September on a 2 week trial. Being very unfit I was very nervous about walking in the door - but I shouldn't have worried. The trainers and members here are all super welcoming and helpful. The members support each other on their fitness journeys - and there is not selfie posing, un-sweaty person in site - everyone is here to train. Thank you for becoming my community - I could not imagine starting my day any other way now. I cannot recommend this gym highly enough.
Great Pt session with Joel.His skills and knowledge for boxing is next level.Great vibes throughout the classes and he is so patient.Highly recommend !
Michael Harding
Michael Harding
I absolutely love Rare Breed Boxing Gym! The trainers are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, creating a welcoming environment for all skill levels. The facility is clean, well-maintained, and has top-notch equipment. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced boxer, this gym is the perfect place to train and improve your skills. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get involved in boxing or just stay fit and active really nice environment to train.
Chris Muleta
Chris Muleta
Rare breed is amazing gym with awesome facilities and awesome staff as well. if you need some extra help with the technical side of boxing I highly recommend Joel, he will really be able to improve your technique
benjamin oma
benjamin oma
Been coming for 3 weeks, love the classes and the recovery area. Joel has been a great help with my technique.
Have been at rare breed for 7 weeks and have loved every single session here. The crew and members are all extremely supportive and make everyone feel welcome, especially coming in as a beginner that support made a massive difference to my experience! Couldn’t recommend this gym enough 🙂
Joel made me write this 😂 kidding!RB is truely one of its kind for boxing and fitness. A safe community for growth, skilling up and connecting with likeminded individuals. Trainers who will support all your needs at any skill level.
Kom Yin
Kom Yin
Joel is amazeballs!!! Amongst many awesome trainers at the gym who are deeply invested in the sweet science of boxing.
First time boxing coming here and everyone is so welcoming. If you want to give boxing a go this is the place to go!Update - still going and still the best boxing gym around
A1 Hairmax
A1 Hairmax
Rare Breed is a great place to train!Offers everything from boxing, to strength as well as fantastic recovery facilities including sauna, spa and ice bath. Everyday is a different experience at Rare Breed with great trainers on hand always there to guide and support you…
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Box your weight away & get fit in Dandenong

Rarebreed is a comprehensive facility designed to inspire our community to reach their health and fitness objectives. Our professionals guide members to nurture self-belief, build confidence, and make strides towards health and wellbeing. We commit to ensuring our members stay on track with their goals. By working together, we strive to accomplish the ultimate outcome.

We hold the conviction that boxing is a sport for all, and mastering it requires the right environment. Our introductory boxing lessons guide you through the fundamental principles, cultivating your skills in a secure and regulated setting. At Rarebreed, consistent practice is instrumental to your growth, and progress is acknowledged through merit. Before you even realize it, your advancement to the next stage will be effortless.

Boxing F.A.Q.

Our Classes

From first-timers to professionals, our boxing classes are developed for all levels of experience.

  • Hybrid Classes

    This is a comprehensive, practical fitness class focused on boxing - no prior experience required. Our Rarebreed instructors will lead you through a mix of functional and boxing exercises, crafted to energize your body and stimulate your heart. This class is ideal for fitness enthusiasts of all levels, aiming to build lean muscle and achieve an intense calorie burn.

  • Boxing Advance

    Rarebreed's advanced boxing class provides individuals with prior experience the chance to train with our professional fight coaches, refining their skills and expanding their understanding of the art of boxing. Whether boxing is your personal hobby, or you aspire to be a fighter, this class is designed just for you.

  • Strength Classes

    Rarebreed's strength classes are results-oriented, designed to enhance strength and muscle development. The training focuses on all significant lifts and compound exercises. Your progress will be tracked and adjustments will be made in response to every improvement you make, aiming to achieve your optimal physique.

  • Recovery

    At Rarebreed, we recognize the importance of your recovery process. Come indulge in a soothing hot stone sauna, a rejuvenating magnesium hot spa, a refreshing magnesium ice spa, or unwind on our recliners equipped with compression boots. You can either observe the gym activities or decompress while watching TV.




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