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Getting Started In Boxing

You’ve watched your favourite fighters compete, and now you want to give it a shot yourself, but you have no idea where to begin. Join our boxing sessions, and subsequently, regardless of your goals, these seven steps on how to start boxing are universal and can be used by virtually anyone interested in getting their …

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Fist Blow Power Wrestling

History of Boxing

If you are beginning our boxing sessions, learning about the sport’s history can provide valuable insight into the legacy you might leave behind through your involvement in the sport. Boxing, also known as pugilism (which translates to “fist battle”) and prizefighting (which means “the fight for prizes or money”), is a sport that involves fighting …

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Should I start Boxing?

It is an exhilarating experience to witness the most important boxing matches. While doing so, spectators frequently fantasise about boxing bouts and the preparation that goes into competing. However, it is important to acknowledge that boxing is a risky sport that necessitates self-sacrifice, persistent effort, and tolerance. The practice of the art of sweet science …

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